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China Desk

China is the world’s fastest growing economy today. With a population of about 1.37 billion people, it has become a strategic market for companies around the world as they look to Asia to shore up declining revenues/profits.

The growth opportunities come amidst a complex business and political landscape, and companies that operate in China are finding it increasingly difficult to manage cost pressures and keep pace with the tightening legislations

To support companies with such growth initiatives, Boardroom is able to assist you and your company by providing our suite of smart business solutions so that you can focus on your primary business. Our solutions include market entry advisory, corporate compliance consultancy, cross-border transaction taxation advisory, accounting and payroll outsourcing, and internal audit & enterprise risk management services, etc.

Experienced Professionals

Boardroom China Desk is staffed by both Singapore and China-trained professionals who are effectively bilingual and well-versed with local regulations as well as international financial reporting developments.

The close collaboration between Boardroom’s offices across the region also provides a seamless solution for globalising Chinese enterprises investing outside of China.

Hong Kong
The Hong Kong Stock Exchange (HKEx), the only Chinese exchange that is fully open to foreign investors has become a platform of choice for China-based companies with international ambitions, and is also attracting foreign issuers keen to establish a foothold in China. Please click here or visit Boardroom Hong Kong for more information.

If you would like to be in touch with someone from our China Desk, please click here.