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Why Choose Us?

The evolving business environment and regulatory reforms experienced in many countries have highlighted the importance of companies having an effective system of corporate governance, risk management and internal controls. The internal audit function plays a key role in an organisation’s governance framework, working together with the Board, management, and statutory auditors.


Our experienced professionals can help you identify high risk areas, such as compliance matters, internal control issues, cost effectiveness, among many others, and recommend practical improvements to help you enhance your company’s operations and maximise your business potential.

Services Offered:

  • Internal Audit Function

  • Risk Management Framework


    • Market risk framework
      1. VaR methodology
      2. Risk identification processes
      3. Risk limits methodology
    • Credit risk framework
      1. Client review and evaluation processes
      2. Opening account and adherence to KYC/AML rules and regulations
      3. Annual review processes
      4. Collections and aging framework
      5. Counterparty risk review processes
    • Operational risk framework
      1. Standard operating procedures
      2. Delegation of authority
      3. Incident reporting
      4. Legal framework
      5. Licensing and insurance review processes
    • Liquidity risk framework
      1. Stress testing and RBS review processes
      2. Adherence to regulations


  • Outsourcing Rules and Regulations


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