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About Malaysia

Since its independence in 1957, Malaysia’s economic record has been one of Asia’s best with an average annual growth rate of 6.5% from 1957 to 2005. GDP forecast for 2012 is between 5%-6%, with the largest contribution expected from the services sector, followed by manufacturing, agriculture, mining and construction industries.

The country is focused on Vision 2020 – a goal to become a high-income, developed nation by 2020. The New Economic Model (NEM), one of four pillars to drive this transformation, aims to create a business environment that is more conducive to sustainable economic growth by modifying the Bumiputra (ethnic Malays and indigenous peoples) preferences, divesting state enterprises, and increasing the private sector’s role in stimulating investment and GDP growth.

Boardroom embarked on a regional acquisition strategy in 2005 to strengthen its business presence in Asia, starting with Malaysia. Boardroom Malaysia has since expanded its suite of services beyond accounting and corporate secretarial services to include internal audit & risk management, human resource & payroll, share registration, taxation and provision of director’s training services.

Fast Facts

Population: approximately 29.3 million (June 2012)
Official language: Bahasa Malaysia but English is widely used as a business language
GDP: USD$222.3 (2011 est)
Economic growth: 5.1% (2011 est)
Labour force: approximately 12.9 million (April 2012)
Government: Federal Constitutional Elective Monarchy