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Share Registry Services


The Gold Standard in Shareholder Care

Whether it be organizing and executing shareholder meetings, running proxy votes, guiding your company through its IPO, or serving as share registrar, we stand as APAC’s preeminent shareholder solutions provider.

From our start in 1968, Boardroom has grown to cover half the listed companies on SGX-ST exchange. 

Our market position is no accident. We earned it through world class customer care, strict attention to detail and a commitment to our clients.

We offer the following list of services:

  • Listed Securities
  • Unlisted Public Companies
  • Shareholders’ Meeting Services
  • Shareholder Analytics
  • Administration of Long-Term Incentive Plans
  • Wealth & Distribution Support and Transfer Agency
  • Recognised Schemes or Sub-TA
  • Electronic Solutions (“eSolutions”)

For more information or a free initial consultation, please reach out to:
Victor Lai
+65 6230 9773

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