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Boardroom’s Board of Directors is committed to upholding high standards of good corporate governance, professionalism and integrity in the company, and the continued improvement of compliance with the Code of Corporate Governance 2005 (the Code). We consider good corporate governance to be the cornerstone of a well managed and respected organisation, and strive to continually enhance our governance framework. We have based our corporate governance framework on timely disclosures, transparency and accountability, so that we can create, maintain and safeguard the value and interests of our shareholders.

Integral to our commitment, Boardroom also places a high priority on ethical business conduct in markets where we operate. We engage employees, contractors, agents and business partners on the basis that their professional integrity is critical to our business and reputation.

If you think there are any employees or representatives who may have breached this code and Boardroom’s business ethics, we would like you to contact us via this feedback form. All genuine reports will be treated with the utmost confidentiality.