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Taking Care of Your People

Boardroom’s payroll solutions allows business leaders the ability to focus on growth and profitability with the confidence that their employees are taken care of.

Among other advantages, we offer tools and services that give clients the power to efficiently automate transactions, increase productivity and make strategic human capital decisions.

We offer expertise in:


Payroll Management Services (Singapore)

  • Computing gross to net salary and CPF
  • Providing payroll detail, variance reports and payroll journals
  • Disbursing net salary and CPF via our client trust account and issuing confidential pay slips (hard copy or electronic)
  • Preparing year-end IR8A forms and appendices (hard copy or electronic)
  • Preparing IR21, GML, NS MUP, CPF refund, government statistics forms, etc.
  • Administering employees’leave and expense claims electronically

Payroll Management Services (Regional)

  • Regional payroll management for APAC countries
  • Options for centralized payroll coordination through Boardroom Singapore or decentralized coordination via Boardroom’s network of local offices
  • Payment and lodgement of local statutory obligations and filings
  • Managing and administering employees leave and expense claims electronically
Eligible FOR PIC

The set-up and software licence fees will qualify for the Productivity and Innovation Credit (PIC) Scheme where you could enjoy up to 400% deduction or cash payout. Read more about the PIC grant here.

PIC Rebate

For more information or a free initial consultation, please reach out to:

Chester Leong
+65 6230 9680

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