Singapore (2020) AGM Landscape Trends Report


Singapore (2020) AGM Landscape Trends Report

2020 has been a year like no other with the COVID-19 pandemic disrupting the AGM market. BoardRoom’s dedicated Share Registry team conducted 188 virtual meetings covering various industries across the period of Circuit Breaker & Phase I. The teams navigated the volatility and uncertainty of the conditions and guided clients through an AGM season like never before.

BoardRoom Annual AGM Thought Leadership Paper FY2020

FY2020 saw an accelerated digital journey compressed into days and weeks in order to adapt to the new normal as a result of the pandemic.

This paper sets out our key thoughts, trends and commentary as we reflect on the past and what it means for the future ahead in a post-COVID environment.

About the Data

This section sets out the breadth and scope of our paper. The insights and analysis provided here were acquired through BoardRoom’s coverage of our clients where we provided Meeting Services.


The pervasive use of technology was amplified this year as observed in the previous themes surrounding our medium of communication, dissemination of information, registration of shareholders, engagement medium etc.

Some issuers turned to web-based video conferencing software, instead of using a secure webcast.

AGM Shareholder Engagement

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