Benefits of adopting an equitable remuneration policy

Benefits of adopting an equitable remuneration policy

Benefits of adopting an equitable remuneration policy

Addressing pay equity in one’s organisation is a process that starts with what fair pay means to your organisation, where you’re falling short, and what you have to do to address those issues. Even after the implementation of an equitable remuneration program, how then do you ensure that your organisation’s remuneration program stays competitive and relevant?

With more than thirty years of HR experience, Stephen Tjoa, BoardRoom’s Chief People Officer, shares with us his perspective on an equitable remuneration policy in this video.

In this video, Stephen answers:

  • What is the essence of an equitable remuneration package?
  • What are 3 key benefits for organisations to adopt an equitable remuneration policy?
  • What can organisations do to maximise the benefits of their equitable remuneration policy?

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About Stephen

Stephen has three-decades of human capital experience in the professional services industry. Previously a Partner and HR leader from Big Four firm KPMG, Stephen is a passionate leader who believes in the optimisation of human potential, and promotion of empathy and humility as a central theme in managing the organisation’s most prized assets. He possesses consulting, strategic and operational experience in the talent agenda. His forte lies in the development and delivery of people and transformational solutions, with a specific emphasis on the recruitment, development, management and retention of talent.

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