Meet Our Team


Dedicated To Solve Your Problems

To be the unrivaled partner for integrated corporate solutions driven by innovation and technology.

  • Kim Teo Poh Jin

    Group Chief Executive Officer

    Long driven by the exciting prospects of a technologically-driven future, Kim Teo has led BoardRoom in the charge towards developing adaptable and innovative corporate service solutions since 2009.

    When taking time off strategy meetings with his senior management team, Kim can be found zooming through the parks with his kids on his W-BASE Durcas One bicycle.

  • Chester Leong

    Regional Managing Director, BoardRoom Business Solutions

    Chester oversees all business operations and ventures in Singapore, Malaysia, China, and Hong Kong.

    He currently leads over 150 employees in serving more than 600 clients (a varied portfolio of companies) in matters of payroll, accounting, corporate secretarial and other services.

    Outside of work, Chester enjoys spending time with his family.

  • Jason U

    Associate Director of Share Registry Services (Singapore) & Employee Plan (Asia)

    Leading a dedicated team of experts Jason is a key driving force within BoardRoom who oversees the strategic direction and day to day management of our Singapore Share Registry Services and our Share Plan Services for Asia. He has a passion for problem solving and building lasting relationships with clients. He works closely with his team to ensure we constantly deliver the gold standard in client care and are seeking innovative solutions to changing market conditions.

    When not busy hunting for new business opportunities, Jason enjoys listening to various genres of music and travelling to exciting new places with family and friends.

  • Jenny Yeoh

    Regional Chief Financial Officer

    Jenny leads the regional finance strategy and transformation across the BoardRoom Group. Together with her teams, Jenny ensures that there is a strong partnership between Finance and the rest of the business by using data, insights and technology adoption to drive success and strategic direction.

    Outside of work, Jenny enjoys spending time with her family and relaxing at cafes with her friends.

  • Kelvin Wong

    Group Chief Technology Officer

    The "Tech" guru, Kelvin is responsible for managing the various technology initiatives across the Group. He works closely with our business units to develop solutions centred on digitalisation, developing shared value and driving customer centricity. He is dedicated to team development and spends a large portion of his time grooming our technology teams across the region, motivating them to work towards a common goal and constantly push the boundaries of what’s possible.

    Always on the lookout for new ideas to spark the imagination, Kelvin spends his leisure time surfing Kickstarter. When not online, he's a family man who enjoys reading a satisfying book with a good cup of coffee.

  • Ken Wong

    Regional Director, Sales & Business Development

    Together with the Business Development team, Ken drives new business opportunities for BoardRoom. With a passion for people and a wealth of experience in Payroll, Ken brings this winning formula to the team and clients.

    Ken believes in the power of data mixed with human understanding to develop strategies focused on solving client problems.

    Outside of work, Ken spends his free time with his wife and their son, exploring new and exciting places.

  • Kymberlie Chong

    Regional Director, Human Resource & Admin

    Kymberlie manages the Human Resource and Central Administration, teams leading them to be strategic drivers within the business. A lover of innovation, she proactively seeks out new technologies and solutions to enhance BoardRoom's market position, people and process management.

    A passionate mother of 4, Kymberlie enjoys travelling with her children. A woman with many interests, she has a wide range of hobbies such as drumming, painting, sculpting and photography.

  • Madeline Dutton

    Regional Associate Director of Marketing

    Maddie is responsible for the development and implementation of our marketing strategy across Asia. She works closely with her team to ensure BoardRoom’s services, values and point of difference are communicated in a consistent manner in both local and regional campaigns. Maddie has a passion for Digital Marketing and building lasting relationships, this duo has proven to be a powerful combination in our recent campaigns.

    A lover of social engagements, Maddie spends her spare time exploring restaurants and wine bars with friends. Any location where she can also take her dog, a Rhodesian Ridgeback named Zoe, is sure winner in her books!


Dedicated To Solve Your Problems

Our regional management team encompasses highly driven and qualified leaders that will guide the respective teams with their local expertise and to strive towards one common BoardRoom vision.

  • Kim Teo Poh Jin

    Group Chief Executive Officer,
    BoardRoom Singapore

    Holding a Bachelor of Arts (Economics) degree, from the Heriot- Watt University of Edinburgh, Mr Kim Teo Poh Jin is responsible for the overall management and strategic direction of the Group.

    • Appointed on 5 August 2009.
    • Chairman of the Investment Committee of CIMB- Principal Asset Management Berhad and CIMB-Principal Islamic Asset Management Sdn Bhd.
    • Investment Committee of the National Kidney Foundation.
    • Co-Chairman of the Current Crime Sub-Committee.
    • Member of the National Crime Prevention Council.
    • Member and governor of United World College of South East Asia and a trustee of The UWCSEA Foundation Limited.
  • Samantha Tai

    Chief Executive Officer,
    BoardRoom Malaysia

    Ms Samantha Tai is the Chief Executive Officer of Boardroom Corporate Services Sdn Bhd, Malaysia. She is a Fellow Member of the Malaysian Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators (MAICSA) and a Board member of MIRA and Director of the Malaysian Alliance of Corporate Directors (MACD). With a formidable resume that boasts over 20 years of experience in corporate secretarial work, Samantha regularly conducts extensive in-house training for directors of publicly listed companies and speaks regularly at various reputable seminars.

    Samantha also provides advisory services including due diligence reviews for corporate restructuring and other related services.

  • Rhett Tregunna

    Chief Executive Officer,
    BoardRoom Australia

    Mr Rhett Tregunna has been the Chief Executive Officer for BoardRoom Australia for the majority of his career since joining in 2008. We enjoy some fantastic long term relationships with our clients and there is a real buzz in the business created by our talented employees and their entrepreneurial drive.

    Rhett loves spending time with his sons, going on holidays, experiencing new adventures and watching all sports at the elite level.

  • Chester Leong

    Regional Managing Director,
    BoardRoom China

    Chester oversees all business operations and ventures in Singapore, Malaysia, China, and Hong Kong.

    He currently leads over 150 employees in serving more than 600 clients (a varied portfolio of companies) in matters of payroll, accounting, corporate secretarial and other services.

    Outside of work, Chester enjoys spending time with his family.