Recognising Your People, Recognising Success.

Strive for greater success knowing that the talents that propel your company forward, are well taken care of.

End-to-end Solution, Comprehensive Service, Innovative and Dynamic

BoardRoom takes care of every aspect of your Employee Care — Implementation, Administration, and Engagement. We cover all facets of employee care, which includes pay, incentive, share plan, and more. Our award-winning and intuitive software, Employee Serve and Client Online, is designed to provide secure and hassle-free access to plan holdings, employee forms, and corporate information.

Employee Care Services You'll Need

  • Payroll & Human Resources
    • Payroll & Human Resources

      • Local and regional payroll solutions
      • Salary and statutory contribution disbursement
      • Compliance with local statutory obligations
      • Payboard, a single and flexible regional payroll platform
      • Flexible automated leave solution
      • Pay computation and disbursement with easy access payslips
      • Claims submission

About BoardRoom

BoardRoom understands the uphill task that business leaders face daily on the competitive business landscape while trying to keep your employees feeling valued. As such we endeavour to help businesses focus more time and resources on business growth.

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Cai Lizi

Director of Business Development