Understanding ESG Data – Fundamentals of ESG data and its value

ESG initiatives for corporations can no longer be ignored or regarded as a nice-to-have. Investors are evaluating companies’ values and attractiveness based on their ESG disclosures.

To help organisations benefit from their ESG data, our Head of ESG, Tina Thomas, conducted a webinar to provide an understanding of what ESG data is, explain how data can be collected, including the different data collection frameworks available and their associated challenges, and showcase how to choose a framework that best fits your organisation’s business demands.

We’re pleased to share the presentation slides for your reference. Please contact us should you require further information on this topic or any assistance in your ESG needs.


Tina Thomas_profile

Tina Thomas, Head of ESG, BoardRoom Group

Tina is a strategy and sustainable growth expert with a passion for innovation and transformation. She has worked in the energy sector for over 15 years and has global experience in developing and executing sustainable corporate strategies. Tina is also a researcher, tutor, author and well-regarded speaker on sustainability related topics. Recently her focus has been on ESG initiatives, including regulatory reporting requirements set by GRI, TCFD, SASB, SDGs, climate reporting and supply chain compliance. Currently, Tina is working on her research project, to study the challenges faced by companies in response to transition risks and the underpinning capability to be developed to transition or to transform.