Understanding Legal, Tax & Accounting Requirements for SPAC Listings on the SGX

Special Purpose Acquisition Companies (“SPACs”), which have already gained popularity in the global landscape, made their debut on the SGX earlier this year. As per other listed companies, SPACs are expected to comply with local legal, tax and accounting frameworks and guidelines.


BoardRoom collaborated with CPA Australia to organise a webinar where corporate lawyer, Rachel Eng of Eng & Co, BoardRoom’s Director of Corporate Services, Eunice Hooi and BoardRoom’s Director of Regional Accounting & Tax, Yang Shuzhen, shed some light on the pertinent technical requirements to take note of in a SPAC listing journey on the SGX. Topics that they covered included:


  • Legal and Regulatory Considerations
  • Key Tax Highlights
  • Common Accounting Challenges
You may view the recorded webinar here or reach out to us should you wish to have further discussions on a SPAC listing.