What does the Future Hold for Virtual Meetings?

Seminar Details:

The COVID-19 pandemic saw an accelerated digital journey within the meeting services space, revolutionising the way in which meetings were held, almost overnight. As we enter another year dominated by COVID-19, what does the future hold? How does this vary across the globe?

BoardRoom successfully hosted our regional Future of Virtual Meetings Webinar on 23rd March 2021 featuring Lumi as our exclusive partner. You can view the recording here or reach out to us if you have any questions on Virtual Meetings or AGMs.


Richard Taylor

Kim Teo
Group CEO
BoardRoom Group

Jason U
Head of Share Registry Services (Singapore) & Employee Plan (Asia)
BoardRoom Singapore

Samantha Tai
BoardRoom Malaysia

Ernest Yueng
Country Head
BoardRoom Hong Kong

Steve Hodkin
Head of Listed Client Services
BoardRoom Australia

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What does the Future Hold for Virtual Meetings?