Feasiblity Quiz On Flexible Work Arrangement

Will flexible working arrangements be the new norm in the war for talent?

Based on a survey by EY, up to 60% of the employers are still in the midst of planning or have yet to communicate any decision concerning flexible work arrangements to their employees.

Is your organisation planning to change your work arrangements but are unsure of your readiness to implement the change?

With flexible working fast becoming a competitive necessity, analyse your organisational readiness for flexible work arrangements by taking our short feasibility quiz today.

Feasiblity quiz on flexible work arrangement

Analyse your organisational readiness in adopting flexible work arrangement

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1. Are there clear business needs to change your current work arrangements?

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2. What is your organisation’s level of awareness and understanding of flexible work arrangements?

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3. What is your leadership team’s commitment towards flexible working?

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4. How would you categorise the time flexibility of job roles in your organisation?

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5. How would you define the level of trust between individuals in your organisation?

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6. During the pandemic, when employees are required to work remotely, how would you define the efficiency level of your organisation?

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7. In recent recruitment exercises or job interviews, how often is the request for flexible work arrangements brought up?

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8. Which are your organisation’s preferred collaboration tools?

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9. Which is your organisation’s preferred communication method?

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10. How receptive are your clients/customers towards flexible work arrangements?

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