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Singapore is strategically located with a thriving economy fuelled by a stable political environment, skilled workforce and world-class infrastructure. The sunny island nation with its exceeding qualities continues to establish itself as one of the best places to establish a base within the Asia-pacific region. For multinational corporations (MNCs) looking to establish a base within the Asia-Pacific region, Singapore offers a multitude of salient reasons that are designed to help your corporation achieve success.

Why Should MNCs set up in Singapore?

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Singapore Economic Development Board offers Regional Headquarters and International Headquarters incentives.

  • RHQ Incentives
    • Concessionary Singapore tax rate of 15% for up to five years for qualifying income arising from activities and operations carried out within the country
    • RHQ using Singapore as an international intellectual property holding location may claim writing-down allowance (WDA) for the cost of acquisition of IP.
  • IHQ Incentives
    • Concessionary Singapore tax rate of 0% to 10% for up to five years for qualifying income arising from activities and operations carried out within the country.
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  • Progressive tax system
  • Corporate and personal tax rates start at 0% and do not exceed 20%
  • Businesses that opt for Singapore company formation are entitled to a 400% tax deduction or option for a 60% cash payout each year
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  • Over 20 FTAs with 27 economies
  • Avoidance of double taxation agreements (71 DTAs)
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  • Opportunity for high-growth medium-sized international trading companies
  • Five year renewable GTP scheme after the initial three year pear period
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  • Pooling of FTC on foreign income received
  • Flexibility for resident taxpayers in FTC claims, thereby reducing their Singapore tax payable on the remitted foreign income.

MNCs Service Needs

  • incorporation Incorporation
  • complliance Compliance
  • Payroll Payroll
  • Expansion Expansion
  • Employee Care Employee Care
  • Shareholder Care Shareholder Support
  • Incorporation

    BoardRoom works closely with businesses to help them through every phase of incorporation to ensure that businesses owners are equipped with all the knowledge they need. Just as BoardRoom is dedicated to your business success, we dedicate experts to business owners and ensure clear communications and single-point contact. Our services are backed with over 50 years of experience that translates to a smooth incorporation process.

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  • Compliance

    Our efficient team of experts that are located across five regions will keep your business in complete compliance with the local statutory obligations. With over 50 years of experience, we understand the regional compliance landscape like the back of our hand. Our process that has weathered decades of trials and test ensures that accuracy is a staple in our delivery.

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  • Payroll

    Our automated systems are quick, simple, and convenient to help you achieve efficient and prompt disbursement of statutory contributions. Our qualified experts, located across five regions, will keep your payroll in complete compliance with the local statutory obligations. Payboard, our exclusive aggregator model, is a flexible tool that has payroll, leave, and claims functionality. Work together with our experts to ensure it meets all your requirements.

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  • Expansion

    Our regional and global work has led us to build an international network of 19 partners that help us to fulfill your expansion project. Our team of experts will be with you every step of the way to provide insightful growth advice 24/7. Our experts make expansion quick, simple, and convenient with immediate processing and hasty implementation to establish your business locally or globally.

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  • Employee Care

    BoardRoom takes care of every aspect of your Employee Care — Implementation, Administration, and Engagement. We cover all facets of employee care, which includes pay, incentive, share plan, and more. Our award-winning and intuitive software, Employee Serve and Client Online, is designed to provide secure and hassle-free access to plan holdings, employee forms, and corporate information.

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  • Shareholder Support

    Our years of organising shareholder events, such as AGMs, allow us to deliver consistent and swift proceedings that are private and discreet. Our highly customisable poll-voting platform and flexible system can effortlessly adapt to meet the agendas of companies to deliver tailored results. Our track record is backed by 50% of companies listed on SGX-ST through our years of dedication to meet shareholder’s

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