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Here at BoardRoom, we are ready to take your business off the ground. Our team of experts have the knowledge and know-how of the landscape to guide you through every phase of setting up a company and company registration towards achieving your success. With the help of our company incorporation experts, we ensure that the setting up of your business in Hong Kong remain compliant with the legal and regulatory requirements, and as smooth and seamless as possible.

01 Company Incorporation and Setting Up a Company in Hong Kong

  • Advice on incorporating a company and the appropriate business structure set up in Hong Kong
  • Assistance with company set up and how to register a company in Hong Kong and China
  • Help with registering a business and completing the company set up process in other Asia-Pacific regions such as Singapore, Malaysia, Australia etc.
  • Registration of partnerships, limited liability partnerships, limited partnerships and sole proprietorship
  • Provision of registered office, principal place of business, bank account signatories, etc
  • Registration (and renewal) of representative offices
  • Advice on and application for appropriate employment passes for individuals and dependant passes for family members, as well as permanent residency
  • Extensive advice regarding company incorporation in HK
  • Incorporation of private, public and guarantee (including charitable) companies in HK
  • BVI and offshore company incorporation services

02 Why set up a company in Hong Kong?

Hong Kong is one of Asia’s leading financial hubs. Despite being only a small city with just over 7 million inhabitants, Hong Kong is ranked fourth in the Global Financial Centres Index with a market capitalisation of HKD $46.8 trillion. Together with this, there are several practical reasons why many entrepreneurs and prospective business owners decide to set up a company in Hong Kong.

Attractive Corporate Tax Structure

Hong Kong has an extremely favourable tax structure for those looking to set up a company in Hong Kong. Sitting at 8.25% for profits under HKD $2 million and 16.5% for anything over, the corporate tax rate in Hong Kong is incredibly simple for new businesses to navigate.

100% foreign ownership of companies set up in Hong Kong

Additionally, Hong Kong has no restrictions on foreign ownership unlike many other major financial cities. This makes setting up a company in Hong Kong a particularly attractive venture for overseas business owners as they can have 100% ownership as well as be the individual director and shareholder. Furthermore, Hong Kong is a largely bilingual city with many business arrangements taking place in English.

A gateway into China

Close geographical proximity and plenty of cultural similarities together with the aforementioned benefits has given Hong Kong the unique position as a “gateway into China”. In fact, around 55% of the Mainland’s source of foreign investment is facilitated through Hong Kong. Many entrepreneurs see Hong Kong not only as a promising city to set up a company, but also as a base to further expand into both the Chinese and wider APAC market.

03 Make your next move with BoardRoom

Setting up a company in Hong Kong while keeping compliant with all the different legal rules and regulations can be a challenging task without the help of experts. If you are interested in using our services to help guide you through the Hong Kong company registration process, please don’t hesitate to leave us your inquiry today. We will develop a hand-crafted solution for your specific business needs.

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Esther Choy

Head of the Corporate Secretarial