Starting or Registering a Business Isn’t Hard; Keeping It Running Doesn’t Have to Be Either

We’re taking the journey to success with you. From incorporating tomorrow’s multi-billion dollar corporation to keeping its gears running, BoardRoom is primed to help with your company’s corporate secretarial needs and ensure it stays compliant. Our comprehensive range of company secretarial services help ensure that you remain compliant with the legal and regulatory requirements in Hong Kong, so you can stay focused on running your business.

01 Corporate & Regulatory Compliance Services

  • Annual statutory and regulatory compliance in Hong Kong [see compliance services for listed companies in Hong Kong] and other jurisdictions
  • Provision of named company secretary or joint company secretary, authorised representative, nominee directors, nominee shareholders and nominee local agents
  • Acting as escrow and process agents
  • Proper maintenance of statutory registers and records
  • Effective reporting to relevant statutory authorities of any alterations to constitutional documents, capital structure, membership, and directorship
  • Advice and assistance with reporting and compliance requirements of the respective stock exchanges in Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, China and Australia
  • Resolutions preparation for board, board committees and shareholders
  • Attendance at board, board committee and shareholder meetings and preparation of relevant minutes

02 Best Corporate Secretarial Practices and Corporate Governance Reviews

  • Advice on best corporate governance practices and procedures
  • Corporate services tailored to help design proper and enhanced policies and procedures for corporate governance in Hong Kong
  • Conducting corporate health check

03 Corporate Restructuring and Company Liquidation Services

  • Advice on and assistance in deregistration and members’ voluntary liquidation of companies (including acting as liquidators)

04 Directors and Management Training

  • Provision of training or briefing to directors/senior management in respect of statutory or regulatory updates, directors’ duties, corporate governance, and company secretarial practices in Hong Kong

05 Corporate Compliance Services for Listed Companies in Hong Kong

  • Annual Compliance for Companies Listed in Hong Kong
    Advice on and assistance in:

    • Publication of annual, interim, and quarterly results announcements and reports as well as environment, social and governance (ESG) report
    • Obtaining general mandates for issue new shares and repurchase existing shares
    • Establishing, maintaining, and updating the register of interest of directors/ chief executive and substantial shareholders
  • Other Company Secretarial and Corporate Governance Advisory Services
    • Preparation of Code of Conduct and Compliance Manual and dealing with other corporate governance issues
    • Assistance in non-routine and ad hoc corporate transactions and actions and provision of other regulatory compliance services

Keeping compliant with all the different regulations in Hong Kong can be a daunting task without the help of a professional company secretary. If you are interested in our corporate secretarial services for your company in Hong Kong, leave us your inquiry today and we will develop a hand-crafted solution for your specific business needs.

Why Choose BoardRoom?

Because we help take your business further, faster, at all stages

BoardRoom is Asia-Pacific’s leader in Corporate and Advisory Services including Employee Stock Options Plan Services, Regional Payroll Services, Corporate Secretarial Services, Share Registry Services, Accounting and Taxation Services, Payroll Outsourcing, and Human Resource Outsourcing.

For over 50 years, we have supported companies in navigating through complex operational and regulatory policies and cultural sensibilities. We are well-positioned in Asia-Pacific with offices in Singapore, Australia, China Mainland, China Hong Kong, and Malaysia, as well as an extensive partner network throughout Asia.

BoardRoom is the partner of choice for many Fortune 500 multinational companies, public listed and privately owned enterprises.

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Esther Choy

Head of the Corporate Secretarial

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What are corporate secretarial services?

Corporate secretarial services encompass a wide range of categories from business incorporation and registration of new companies to the development of company constitutions, amendments, and AGM/EGM resolutions which fall under the scope and duties of a company secretary. Put simply, corporate secretarial services help keep your company in compliance with local regulations and corporate compliance matters.

2. What are the advantages of outsourcing your company secretarial services?

The advantages of outsourcing your company secretarial services are twofold. For smaller business in Hong Kong who may not need a full-time in-house company secretary, outsourcing the role allows them to maintain compliance and keep abreast of any developments at a lower cost whilst maintaining a professional standard. For larger companies, outsourcing company secretarial services allows them to streamline their processes. Enlisting help from professionals like BoardRoom can provide practical solutions and guarantee the highest standards of corporate compliance. This can greatly save on labour and time costs, allowing you to focus on other core aspects of your business.

3. What are the duties of a company secretary?

A company secretary is usually appointed by your company’s board of directors. They are responsible for ensuring that the company stays compliant with any relevant statutory obligations and corporate governance guidelines.

Your company secretary should be in charge of:

  • maintaining statutory books and records
  • safekeeping legal documents
  • organising the necessary meetings between directors and shareholders of the company
  • lodging and filing all the corporate documents required by law
  • ensuring that the company meets its statutory and regulatory obligations

4. Is it mandatory to appoint a company secretary?

In Hong Kong, every company is required to appoint a company secretary. The appointed company secretary must reside in Hong Kong, while the company must also have a registered office or principal place of business in Hong Kong. A director of the company may also take up the role of a company secretary, unless he/she is the sole director. In this case, companies will usually engage the corporate secretarial services of a corporate service provider like BoardRoom.

5. What are the benefits of having a company secretary?

Having a company secretary keeps you compliant and in line with legal requirements in Hong Kong. Without proper corporate secretarial services, companies suffer from compliance issues and potential corporate actions which may cause problems later down the line. Having a dedicated company secretary can help listed and non-listed companies in Hong Kong stay compliant with the latest company statutory regulations and the Hong Kong listing rules.

6. How to set up or incorporate a company in Hong Kong?

Incorporating a company in Hong Kong can be a simple and straightforward process, but will depend on your company’s specifics, structure, and intention.

Here are the major steps you should follow:

  • Choose the company name and type, including the legal structure, share structure, and more.
  • Appoint director(s), a company secretary, and other key personnel
  • Get a registered office address
  • Open a company bank account
  • Deliver your application, including the incorporation form, a copy of the company’s articles of association, and a notice to the Business Registration Office
  • Collect all the necessary company certificates
  • Obtain the necessary business permits and licenses
  • Organise company insurance and the employee MPF scheme
  • Create a company constitution

Many businesses in Hong Kong prefer to outsource this list of tasks to professionals like BoardRoom who can guarantee compliance while you focus on starting your business.

7. How much does it cost to register a company in Hong Kong?

The cost of registering a company in Hong Kong can differ depending on the type of business registration and corporate secretarial services required. Mandatory fees include The Hong Kong Government incorporation fee of HK$1,545, if filled out online, or HK$ 1,720 if in hard copy respectively. For a business registration certificate, businesses are required to pay HK$250 for a 1-year certificate validity, or HK$3,950 for a 3-year certificate validity.

There may be other professional services fees to consider if you are engaging a corporate services provider. This may include company secretary service, application of relocation visas or applying for business licenses and more. Please contact BoardRoom’s incorporation experts for more information on the cost of registering and setting up a company in Hong Kong.

8. Can foreigners start a business in Hong Kong?

Foreigners are more than welcome to start a business in Hong Kong. You can be the sole director and shareholder of a company in Hong Kong even if you are not a local resident, as there are no local resident requirements. Hong Kong also makes it easy for foreigners to start and operate an offshore business in Hong Kong from abroad. BoardRoom offers professional assistance with company formation, corporate secretarial services, and more to make this a smoother journey.

9. What is a Nominee Director in Hong Kong?

In Hong Kong, companies must declare the identity of their directors and shareholders. A nominee director is a non-executive director appointed to protect the identity of the true company director should they wish to remain anonymous, and will represent the company on their behalf. BoardRoom can provide nominee director services in Hong Kong. Get in touch with us to find out more.

10. How to close off or deregister a company in Hong Kong?

If you need to close a business, you cannot simply stop filling out your annual filings – you must close off your business in a legal manner. The Hong Kong Companies Registry has the power to deregister a company, should the business not be in operation or carrying out business anymore.

To apply for closing off a business in Hong Kong, you must:

  • Apply for a ‘Notice of No Objection’, as all members of the organization must agree to the dissolution
  • Submit a completed application to the Companies Registry for processing.

Get in touch with us for more information and help with closing off a company in Hong Kong.

11. How can BoardRoom help in corporate secretarial services?

Company secretary work can be a huge administrative burden on your company. Outsourcing that work to BoardRoom can help alleviate this work, allowing you to focus on your business’s core competencies. We will work together with your other advisors to keep your business compliant while offering sound and practical advice.

As market leaders, we have streamlined our processes to be as efficient as possible for all our clients, resulting in a quick and seamless service when it comes to preparing and organising corporate documents. If you would like to know more about how BoardRoom can assist, get in touch with one of our specialists today.