Starting or Registering a Business Isn’t Hard; Keeping It Running Doesn’t Have to Be Either

We’re taking the journey to success with you. From incorporating tomorrow’s multi-billion dollar corporation to keeping its gears running, BoardRoom is primed to help with your company’s corporate secretarial needs and ensure it stays compliant. Our comprehensive range of company secretarial services help ensure that you remain compliant with the legal and regulatory requirements in Hong Kong, so you can stay focused on running your business.

01 Corporate & Regulatory Compliance Services

  • Annual statutory and regulatory compliance in Hong Kong [see compliance services for listed companies in Hong Kong] and other jurisdictions
  • Provision of named company secretary or joint company secretary, authorised representative, nominee directors, nominee shareholders and nominee local agents
  • Acting as escrow and process agents
  • Proper maintenance of statutory registers and records
  • Effective reporting to relevant statutory authorities of any alterations to constitutional documents, capital structure, membership, and directorship
  • Advice and assistance with reporting and compliance requirements of the respective stock exchanges in Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, China and Australia
  • Resolutions preparation for board, board committees and shareholders
  • Attendance at board, board committee and shareholder meetings and preparation of relevant minutes

02 Best Corporate Secretarial Practices and Corporate Governance Reviews

  • Advice on best corporate governance practices and procedures
  • Corporate services tailored to help design proper and enhanced policies and procedures for corporate governance in Hong Kong
  • Conducting corporate health check

03 Corporate Restructuring and Company Liquidation Services

  • Advice on and assistance in deregistration and members’ voluntary liquidation of companies (including acting as liquidators)

04 Directors and Management Training

  • Provision of training or briefing to directors/senior management in respect of statutory or regulatory updates, directors’ duties, corporate governance, and company secretarial practices in Hong Kong

05 Corporate Compliance Services for Listed Companies in Hong Kong

  • Annual Compliance for Companies Listed in Hong Kong
    Advice on and assistance in:

    • Publication of annual, interim, and quarterly results announcements and reports as well as environment, social and governance (ESG) report
    • Obtaining general mandates for issue new shares and repurchase existing shares
    • Establishing, maintaining, and updating the register of interest of directors/ chief executive and substantial shareholders
  • Other Company Secretarial and Corporate Governance Advisory Services
    • Preparation of Code of Conduct and Compliance Manual and dealing with other corporate governance issues
    • Assistance in non-routine and ad hoc corporate transactions and actions and provision of other regulatory compliance services

Keeping compliant with all the different regulations in Hong Kong can be a daunting task without the help of a professional company secretary. If you are interested in our corporate secretarial services for your company in Hong Kong, leave us your inquiry today and we will develop a hand-crafted solution for your specific business needs.

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For over 50 years, we have supported companies in navigating through complex operational and regulatory policies and cultural sensibilities. We are well-positioned in Asia-Pacific with offices in Singapore, Australia, China Mainland, China Hong Kong, and Malaysia, as well as an extensive partner network throughout Asia.

BoardRoom is the partner of choice for many Fortune 500 multinational companies, public listed and privately owned enterprises.

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Ernest Yeung

Country Head and the Head of the Corporate Secretarial Division