Our ESG services assure operational sustainability, compliance with regulations, and stakeholder satisfaction.

Environmental, social and governance (ESG) concerns are becoming increasingly important to investors and communities throughout the world. A company’s environmental impact, societal interactions and operational methods are now critical in determining its long-term success. A strong ESG proposition demonstrates that a business is committed to managing risks, operating ethically, and promoting sustainability. Doing so enhances a business’s reputation, increases its resilience to risks, and can lead to better long-term financial performance.

BoardRoom’s ESG Hong Kong team can assist your company in responding proactively to relevant ESG risks and opportunities by developing and implementing a customised plan.

Support tailored to your ESG needs in Hong Kong

As your trusted business partner, BoardRoom delivers personalised solutions and support along your ESG journey. Using our SaaS-based approach, we provide a smooth end-to-end ESG solution that produces tangible outcomes.

Our objective is to make your business a success. Our cutting-edge ESG Access platform enables your organisation to operate responsibly while reaping commercial rewards. The platform employs blockchain technology, allowing data-driven decision-making on risk management and future planning. Furthermore, it automates the collection and reporting of ESG data, making it simple for you to comply with sustainability regulations that are constantly changing.

When you work with BoardRoom, you can expect an exceptional level of client care that has been perfected through 50 years of business in the Asia-Pacific (APAC) area.

Personalised ESG support
Reach your ESG goals

Achieve your ESG objectives

Communities, investors, executives and employees are increasing pressure on businesses to demonstrate a genuine commitment to ESG. Whether you are listed on Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited or a smaller privately owned business, BoardRoom will help you satisfy all your stakeholders’ expectations and ESG compliance obligations.

Our ESG Access platform streamlines data collection while simultaneously serving as a data storage solution. By analysing and comparing data over time, you can achieve greater value from your ESG initiatives and sustainability reporting.

With a wide range of ESG frameworks and collaboration tools with internal and external stakeholders, our sustainability reporting software ensures a fast, easy and affordable solution, whether you’re starting your ESG reporting journey or already managing a multi-entity portfolio.

Streamline your ESG reporting to achieve your ESG goals now

ESG Access is an intuitive SaaS platform that helps you track and report your ESG goals easily, even if you lack prior reporting experience.

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How you can benefit from outsourcing your ESG management

When you outsource your ESG management, you ensure that your organisation remains on track to achieve its goals. Modern organisations engage an ESG consulting firm for the following reasons:


ESG is now business critical

Due to the high demand for ethical corporate behaviour, ESG action is increasingly required for economic success. ESG ideals and procedures must be integrated into your culture and operations to ensure sustained success in the coming years.


ESG strategy can be complex

If your business is just getting started with ESG, it might be challenging to know where to begin. Investing in full-suite ESG services guarantees you receive professional advice every step of the way. BoardRoom can help your business follow industry-leading ESG practices while introducing specialised reporting software to save you time and money.


There is a rapid evolution in expectations

Businesses must be adaptive in their ESG efforts to stay up with changing consumer, regulatory and investor expectations. You can rely on our team to handle your stakeholder engagement, strategy implementation and reporting procedures in a timely and responsive manner.

Our ESG Hong Kong services

BoardRoom’s seasoned ESG consultants have expert knowledge in many APAC jurisdictions. We can assist you in developing and implementing a tailored ESG strategy for your company, promoting long-term sustainability and profitability.

We also make it simple for your business to integrate many critical back office functions and streamline your administrative processes.

The full suite of services we offer include:

01 ESG consulting

BoardRoom approaches ESG holistically, allowing our customers to make better decisions on their important ESG concerns. We assist your organisation in becoming a more socially responsible, ecologically friendly and sustainable corporation – all while ensuring that your competitive edge is maintained and expanded.

We can assist you with:

Understanding and evaluating the key ESG risks and opportunities for your business
Setting ESG goals that are aligned with increased financial performance to enhance operational sustainability
Providing company executives and middle management with the tools they need to meet ESG goals
Delivering value through drafting and creating meaningful reporting
Conducting a Materiality assessment to identify ESG issues that are relevant to your organisation
Enhancing business processes through the development of a sustainability policy
Ensuring socially responsible business practices are followed in the supply chain
Using SaaS solutions to simplify data management
Making informed decisions based on ESG factors
Building investor and key stakeholder trust through ESG assurance

02 ESG Access reporting software

The ESG Access platform collects and manages ESG sustainability data end-to-end. Using our ESG reporting software, you can simplify data management and gain valuable insights from the data.

Using machine learning and blockchain technology, the platform maximises efficiency and security. In comparison with standard consulting solutions, it provides a six-times faster reporting process.

We can assist you with:

  • Using one platform to streamline your reporting
  • Providing an automated materiality assessment
  • Using an industry-standard or customised reporting frameworks
  • Ensuring compliance with ESG reporting requirements

ESG Access also offers innovative reporting ideas, allowing employees of various levels of expertise to navigate the platform with confidence.

03 Materiality assessment

You can efficiently conduct a materiality assessment for your company using BoardRoom’s ESG Access platform.

When making internal strategy and operational decisions, a materiality assessment assists in identifying and prioritising possible ESG issues. It also considers market trends and legislative changes, ensuring that your ESG activities are proactive rather than reactive.

We can assist you with:

  • An understanding of the context in which you operate
  • Assessing and satisfying your stakeholders’ ESG expectations
  • Discussing initial stakeholder consultations (including surveys)
  • Identifying and analysing the importance of existing and anticipated ESG effects
  • Prioritising the most significant ESG consequences for reporting

04 Full life-cycle management

BoardRoom offers comprehensive ESG life-cycle management for your company. Rather than viewing ESG as a tick-box compliance exercise, we find particular ESG strategies that will benefit your organisation and then work with you to integrate these strategies into your business model.

Full life-cycle management guarantees all areas of your organisation, from your work culture and everyday operations to your product range and supply chain, contribute to your ESG initiatives.

We can assist you with:

Creating a strong ESG business culture through interaction with board members, organisational leaders and all employees
Integrating ESG into all elements of your organisation using a values-led approach
Renewing your board structure to help push ESG ideals throughout the organisation
Integrating ESG considerations into high-level strategic decision-making
Increasing transparency about environmental and societal implications
Appointing ESG champions in your organisation
Creating an ESG committee to aid board effectiveness

BoardRoom also provides a range of follow-on services as required, from operating model changes to strategic initiatives such as M&A.

05 Corporate governance

When evaluating a company’s ESG performance, investors look not just at climate risk mitigation measures but also at its governance practices, including its approaches to social concerns like diversity and culture. Good corporate governance supports strong ESG initiatives.

BoardRoom assists your organisation in establishing corporate governance procedures that improve company performance, boost competitive advantage and support strong ESG practices. Providing a suite of complementary corporate services, BoardRoom’s corporate governance team can work alongside our ESG experts to develop practices that will boost company performance, increase competitive advantage, and lower investor risk.

We can assist you with:

  • Maintaining stakeholder trust by acting in their best interests
  • Increasing corporate disclosure transparency and quality
  • Implementing a tailored, streamlined method for obtaining guarantees

Why Choose BoardRoom?

Because we help take your business further, faster, at all stages

Hiring an expert ESG consultant can assist you in lowering costs, mitigating risks and increasing value for stakeholders. It also ensures that your company satisfies its ongoing ESG compliance needs.

Providing first-class corporate services for more than 50 years, BoardRoom delivers the knowledge necessary for efficient business transformation in the fast-changing ESG environment.

Become more efficient and save money
BoardRoom supports you throughout the ESG process to reduce administrative strain on your team. The ESG Access platform simplifies, accelerates and lowers the cost of your ESG strategy and reporting procedures, allowing you to devote more resources to core business objectives.
Consult with local and regional experts
Our teams are well-versed in APAC ESG compliance regulations, including HKEX sustainability reporting obligations. We can administrate your ESG strategy by local standards thanks to competent staff serving customers in Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia and Australia.
Maintain compliance with ease
With the help of our specialist ESG Hong Kong team, you can feel confident that your ESG due diligence is being met. This way, you can remain compliant with changing ESG standards and stakeholder expectations.
Enhance your competitiveness
Our primary goal at BoardRoom is to create value. We work with you to ensure that your ESG activities yield various competitive benefits, such as a more stable investor base, cheaper cost of capital, better access to financing, higher employee engagement and stronger consumer loyalty.
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