Tax Compliance Review Programme

Tax Compliance Review Programme

Tax Compliance Review Programme

With the increased emphasis on compliance, coupled with rising business costs due to introduction of new legislations such as the Social Security Contribution law for expatriates in China, companies are turning to tax professionals for advice as they strive to achieve tax optimisation and efficiency amidst a changing landscape in China.

Boardroom´s Tax Compliance Review Programme will help to detect whether a company has fully complied with the tax filing requirements. The result of which is to provide comfort to the Management that the company’s tax compliance requirements are in order. We can also provide advice on the preventive measures that the Management can implement to mitigate the risks of potential non-compliance.

How does an entity benefit from a Tax Compliance Review?

  • Ensure the operations of the China entity comply with the relevant tax laws and regulations, tax treatments and appropriate tax administration process
  • Obtain suggestions to rectify non-compliance issues
  • Understand the potential consequences in relation to non-compliance practices for the period under review so as to facilitate the future corrective actions
  • Identify areas whereby the overall tax efficiency may be improved

A Tax Compliance Review would normally focus on the following types of China taxes:

  • Corporate Income Tax (“CIT”)
  • Value Added Tax (“VAT”)
  • Business Tax (“BT”)
  • Individual Income Tax (“IIT”)
  • Stamp Duty (“SD”)

Our tax planning and compliance advisory services, tailored to your business, can reduce potential tax risks and improve tax efficiency.

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