Announcement on Preventive Measures


Preventive Measures to Protect the Health & Well-being of Our Customers

As of 8 Oct 2020, we have implemented the following measures and we seek your understanding and cooperation to keep our staff and clients safe:

For visitors to the office
  • All meetings shall be conducted via teleconferencing or videoconferencing.
  • Where meetings in BoardRoom’s office require face-to-face contact between our staff and any visitor/client, such requests must be made through your BoardRoom contact or through the Reception if there is no BoardRoom contact.
  • All visitors to our office are required to report to the reception where they will undergo temperature screening by our staff and be required to sanitise their hands.
  • All visitors to our office are required to submit a health & temperature declaration form together with the travel declaration form. This will be done at the reception area before visitors are allowed into the office.
  • It is mandatory for all persons in the office to wear a properly fitted mask at all times unless they are eating or drinking.
  • Any visitors with a temperature higher than 37.5°C, travel history within the past 2 weeks or are experiencing any of the following symptoms will be refused entry into our office:
    • Fever
    • Shortness of breath
    • Cough
    • Runny nose
    • Sore Throat
  • Clients who require our staff to meet them at an external venue will be asked to submit the “MYBR – Questionnaire on Client Precautionary Measures RMCO Form”. Please obtain the Form from your BoardRoom contact and return the completed document to BoardRoom at least 1 working day in advance of the meeting.
  • Notwithstanding the foregoing, BoardRoom reserves the right to refuse entry to and/or evict any person from our office at our discretion.

Will there be any disruptions to working with BoardRoom?

No. Rest assured that BoardRoom Malaysia has robust Business Continuity Plans in place which will ensure that there is no disruption in our ability to service your requirements.


Can I still meet BoardRoom staff at the BoardRoom office?

No. Unfortunately, we will not be accepting any walk-in visitors for face-to-face meetings. Please inform our staff in advance before making the trip to our office.


Can I get BoardRoom staff to meet me at a location other than the BoardRoom office?

We ask that you kindly submit a request and complete a questionnaire at least 1 working day in advance for our consideration.


I heard there is a case in Menara Symphony/Boardroom, is it true?

No. There is no confirmed case nor any direct contact with any positive Covid-19 case, nor anyone displaying any symptoms.  


Who can I call for information if I do not know any specific staff to contact at BoardRoom?

Please refer to our “Contact Us” page for respective phone numbers for each office or email info.my@boardroomlimited.com for help. We kindly ask for your understanding in any delay to responding to you as we expect a higher than normal volume of requests.


(Updated as at 8th October 2020)