Public Listed Companies in Singapore

Private companies in Singapore have the option to transform their business into a publicly traded company through a process known as Initial Public Offering (IPO). This milestone transformation that some private companies in Singapore choose to undergo can be propelled by many reasons such as raising capital, enhancing the status and financial standing of the company, and increasing the public awareness and interest in the company, its products and services.

Companies that are ready to go public have progressed beyond their initial development startup phase to a certain magnitude. These companies have become profitable and are on route for further significant growth.

How can you ensure a successful listing process?

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Evaluation at the planning phase

  • Financial performance, track record of growth and long-term business plan
  • Market conditions and options available
  • Requirements for corporate reorganisation
  • Availability of the appropriate resources and quality
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Preparation phase

  • Assemble the appropriate management and finance team
  • Construct financial and operational infrastructure
  • Establish corporate governance structure
  • Prepare an investor relations and public relations strategies
  • Appoint professionals and advisers
  • Correct the financial statements and address the accounting and tax issues
  • Plan the IPO timetable
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Execution stage

  • Draft the prospectus
  • Complete the corporate reorganisation
  • Prepare financial information
  • Recruit non-executive board members and audit committee members
  • Firm up on pricing and valuations
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Realisation stage

  • Submit and lodge prospectus with the authorities and regulators
  • Answer queries and concerns of the authorities and regulators
  • Conduct the IPO road shows
  • Launch the IPO

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