Board of Director 101 Series

Aspiring to be a director or just looking to further elevate your board directorship skills? In collaboration with LeadWomen, this program seeks to help you understand more about the duties, roles and responsibilities of corporate directors.

This program is spread across 3 half-day online modules that cover critical elements of corporate governance, good board cultures & dynamics, essential financial understanding and the board’s role in strategy and risk management.

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Module Outline
Module 1
Appreciation Of Corporate Governance

A comprehensive overview of the role of board directors in ensuring that organisations are ethically governed and managed through proper systems, controls and processes.

Module 2
Board Financial & Risk Oversight

Learn how to identify and assess potential organizational/business & financial risks; and to understand what it means & required of directors to provide financial & risk oversight when making objective decisions.

Module 3
Board Dynamics

Analyse the impact of board culture types, behavioural biases, board compositions on decision making, managing conflict and discussing strategies for overall board effectiveness.