Listing on Bursa Malaysia : Planning Ahead

Bursa Malaysia recorded 10 new listings as of 31 March 2023, versus 5 in the same period the previous year, raising approximately RM992.5 million in total. With the normalisation of economic activities and high liquidity in the local market, the Exchange is expecting this momentum to continue.

If your business operations are mirroring this positive market sentiment, it might be timely to strategise for your next phase of growth. Business expansion requires capital and going public is a popular option for many companies.

However, there’re a myriad of questions to consider before taking your company public. Some of these include:

  • Is your company ready for IPO?
  • What are the regulatory requirements prior to submitting a listing application?
  • What are the strategic plans to consider?
  • What are the potential obstacles?

Your questions were answered at our Listing on Bursa Malaysia – Planning Ahead webinar. Hosted by BoardRoom Malaysia’s CEO, Ms Samantha Tai, the webinar featured invited speakers, Mr Muhd Farrish Ishak from Bursa Malaysia and Mr Foong Mun Kong from KPMG in Malaysia who discussed:

  • An Introduction to the Listing Process – an overview on IPO preparations and listing requirements on Bursa Malaysia
  • Preparation for an IPO Journey – readiness, essentials and common pitfalls

We’re pleased to share the recording of this webinar for you to watch on-demand. Please contact us should you wish to have a discussion on this topic.


Samantha Tai

Samantha Tai, CEO, BoardRoom Malaysia

Samantha has over 30 years of extensive experience in corporate governance and corporate secretarial work. She also provides advisory on due diligence reviews for corporate restructuring, IPO processes and rollouts, and board assessment to clients of PLCs. Samantha is a strong advocate for corporate governance and boasts a robust presence within the capital markets in Malaysia. She is currently a Council Member and Chartered Governance Professional of the Malaysian Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators (MAICSA)

Muhd Farrish Ishak

Muhd Farrish Ishak, Vice President, Listing Development, Origination & Listing, Bursa Malaysia

Farrish is responsible for the development of initiatives and strategies aimed at enhancing the attractiveness of Bursa Malaysia as the preferred listing destination for companies. He has 20 years of experience in the financial industry with more than 11 years in investment banking where he was involved in IPOs, corporate finance advisory, mergers and acquisitions, and equity/debt fund raising, as well as 7 years in audit in both external and internal audit.

Foong Mun Kong

Foong Mun Kong, Partner – Head of Audit, KPMG in Malaysia

Mun Kong has close to 30 years of audit experience. He became a partner of KPMG in Malaysia in 2003 and has held the Head of Audit role since 2014. Mun Kong has been involved in various corporate exercises, which entail the preparation of accountants’ reports and performance of due diligence reviews and directed many assignments involving Initial Public Offerings and bond issuances of local companies. He currently leads the Audit Capital Markets team of KPMG, and is a member of the MIA and MICPA.