Meet all your business compliance requirements with our company secretarial services team in Malaysia

The necessity of having a reliable company secretary continues to grow in importance and scope for businesses in Malaysia. Businesses that fail to meet statutory requirements may face severe legal, financial and reputational repercussions, so it’s important to ensure all your company secretarial duties are covered as they continue to evolve. 

By engaging a professional, industry-leading company secretary services in Malaysia, you can rest assured your business is carrying out all its statutory and regulatory obligations accurately.

Reliable company secretarial services

The BoardRoom team helps many companies get off the ground, but we also support their ongoing success with a high level of dedication.

We provide a full suite of company secretary services in Malaysia, from incorporating your new business, to ensuring you comply with statutory requirements in the long term. We are committed to helping your business thrive into the future.

Over the course of 50 years, BoardRoom has become one of the most highly regarded company secretarial service providers in Malaysia and across Asia-Pacific.

Our knowledgeable team supports businesses large and small in all their local and cross-border corporate compliance responsibilities.

Corporate Secretarial
Corporate Secretarial

Maintain compliance across Malaysia, APAC, and the world

With thorough knowledge of the Malaysian statutory environment, our expert company secretarial team can provide invaluable advice for your business.

Appointing a secretary company in Malaysia that understands the local landscape and culture is imperative for maintaining compliance with local laws and regulations. If you plan to expand across the Asia-Pacific region, our professional team is well-versed in the rules and requirements across multiple jurisdictions.

If your company already conducts business abroad, you can rely on us to collaborate with your legal or compliance agent.

Through our expansive corporate secretarial knowledge, we can guide your business across a range of markets while navigating all the intricacies of international tax, trade, currency conversion and regulations.

The role of a company secretary in your business

Although the role of a company secretary heavily revolves around maintaining business compliance, they are also responsible for a host of other important tasks that help your business run smoothly and efficiently, making them essential for your organisation. When you engage company secretarial services, a dedicated corporate secretary will be responsible for fulfilling the following duties:

  • Performing statutory maintenance
  • Filing taxes, annual returns, and financial statements
  • Preparing, attending, and documenting Annual General Meetings
  • Advising on company registration and corporate governance
  • Keeping all company details correctly updated
  • Recording company’s Financial Year End (FYE)
  • Assisting with appointment and resignation of directors and secretaries
Role of a company secretary

The benefits of outsourcing your company secretarial services

As with similar corporate responsibilities, including tax and accounting, Malaysia’s requirements for corporate secretarial functions are intricate and vast. Keeping up with changes in local, regional and international rules can be daunting for any business.

When you partner with our Malaysia-based company secretary team, your organisation can successfully:


Maintain local and cross-border compliance

Access our team of professionals with specialist knowledge across multiple Asia-Pacific jurisdictions.


Streamline your operations

Benefit from an extensive range of corporate services with a single point of contact.


Reduce administrative burden and overheads

Free up your resources to focus on growth and profitability instead of corporate compliance.

BoardRoom’s company secretary services

Whether you are a new business, a thriving private enterprise, or a global organisation, we are ready to take on all your corporate secretarial duties and help you succeed in Malaysia and beyond.

01 Company secretary and corporate secretarial support

We provide comprehensive company secretary services to ensure your business meets all local requirements in Malaysia.

We can help with:

Applying for employment and permanent residency
Providing a nominee director
Providing an authorised representative (for foreign companies)
Providing a named company secretary
Securing a local registered office or correspondence address
Incorporating private limited and public companies
Registering foreign companies in other Asia-Pacific regions such as Singapore, Hong Kong, China and Australia
Registering and renewing representative offices
Navigating the Securities Commission guidelines and listing requirements of the Malaysian stock exchange (Bursa Malaysia)
Apply the Malaysian Code on Corporate Governance
Share consolidation, division and transfers

02 Governance and statutory compliance reporting

Meet all your corporate requirements both in Malaysia and throughout the Asia-Pacific region.

We can help with:

Statutory and regulatory compliance requirements in Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, China and Australia
Safely updating and filing statutory registers, minute books and business records
Communicating changes to your business or corporate structure to statutory authorities and regulatory bodies in an accurate and timely manner
Developing board and shareholders’ resolutions
Participating in board and shareholders’ meetings and taking minutes
Reviewing and preparing corporate governance reports for inclusion in annual reports
Preparing and submitting annual returns and other requisite filings
Reporting and compliance requirements in relation to the Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, China and Australia stock exchanges

03 Corporate Governance Advisory Services

BoardRoom offers a comprehensive range of end-to-end corporate governance advisory services for listed companies in Malaysia to ensure that your policies and practices remain relevant and adhere to Listing Requirements, Companies Act, Code of Corporate Governance and Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) Act.

We can help with:

  • Performing gap analysis of your company’s corporate governance framework
  • Drafting and reviewing the board charter and the terms of reference for board committees
  • Drafting and reviewing your company’s Corporate Governance Report, Corporate Governance Statement and Sustainability Report to ensure they are compliant, and assisting with responses to queries from Bursa Malaysia in relation to the reports
  • Drafting and reviewing board policies, including those on insider trading, board diversity, fit and proper, related party transactions, conflict of interest, whistleblowing, anti-bribery and corruption, investors relations, sustainability, code of conduct and ethics
  • Carrying out structured and confidential board effectiveness evaluation of your board, board committees and individual directors. This 360 -degree assessment helps provide candid feedback and objective assessment and thereafter identify positive aspects as well as areas for improvements

04 Winding up of company and business liquidation

The BoardRoom team helps take unnecessary stress out of winding up your company. By providing expert advice and support, we will ensure the process is smooth and efficient, and compliant with local regulations.

We can help with:

  • Business deregistration and closure
  • Striking off/winding up a local company or foreign-owned branch/subsidiary
  • Voluntarily liquidating a business.

05 Other company secretarial services

Whatever the secretarial requirements of your company in Malaysia may be, BoardRoom can assist you.

We also provide a range of ad hoc services, including:

Operating as filing and process agents
Providing an independent assessment of Know Your Clients (KYC) obligations

Why choose BoardRoom as your company secretarial services provider?

Because we help take your business further, faster, at all stages

Engaging a trusted corporate secretary in Malaysia will help ensure your company complies with local rules and regulations while also:

  • Minimising costs;
  • Mitigating risk; and
  • Maximising potential profitability.

With a respected 50-year history, BoardRoom is known as one of Asia-Pacific’s most skilled providers of company secretarial services.

Due to our thorough local knowledge and long-established regulatory and government relationships within the region, we are the service provider of choice for major global companies and agile start-ups alike.

Ensure compliance locally and internationally
With knowledge and experience across multiple Asia-Pacific jurisdictions, our specialist team can help minimise your administrative load and reduce your risk of financial fines due to non-compliance.
Receive support tailored for your business
When businesses partner with BoardRoom, we designate them a dedicated corporate secretary. A single point of contact ensures your specific needs are heard and acted upon so that your compliance requirements are consistently met with a high level of accuracy.
Boost productivity
By outsourcing your corporate secretarial needs to us, your staff will have more time to spend on company expansion and revenue growth.
Improve resource investment
Rather than hiring an in-house company secretary, partner with us so that you can allocate more time and money to your primary business functions.

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Samantha Tai

Managing Director Asia, Corporate Secretarial

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What are company secretarial services?

Company secretarial services include everything from incorporating and registering your new company to developing company constitutions, amending company resolutions, setting up of bank accounts and more. The ultimate goal of company secretarial services is to keep your company compliant with all local regulatory requirements so you can focus on growth without worries of non-compliance.

2. What are the duties of a company secretary?

Ensuring the effective and efficient administration of a business, company secretaries work directly with you to ensure your business follows good corporate governance practices and is compliant with statutory obligations.

Our company secretaries will help you with:

  • Keeping statutory books and records organised
  • Safekeeping company legal documents
  • Hosting meetings between directors and shareholders
  • Organising and filing all documents required by law on time
  • Guaranteeing that your company meets all the necessary statutory obligations.

3. Is it mandatory to appoint a company secretary?

In Malaysia, under the Companies Act (2016), all registered companies are required to have at least one licensed company secretary. The appointment of a company secretary must also be completed within 30 days from the date of incorporation of a company.

4. When appointing a company secretary in Malaysia, do they need to be based in the country?

Yes, when you appoint a company secretary in Malaysia, they must reside in the country and be approved by The Companies Commission of Malaysia – Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia (SSM).

5. What are the benefits of outsourcing company secretarial services?

Outsourcing company secretarial services offers several benefits. For businesses that do not need a full time in-house secretary, outsourcing offers a way to save costs while ensuring all secretarial responsibilities are handled by seasoned professionals. By doing this, you free up more time for your employees and gain access to advice and solutions from experienced  company secretary professionals.

6. What qualifications do company secretaries need in Malaysia?

Corporate secretaries in Malaysia are required to have passed the Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia examination, as well as have between 1-5 years of relevant working experience based on their other academic qualifications.

This can complicate matters for foreigners looking to get into business in Malaysia. However, outsourcing company secretarial services to a well-trusted and respectable firm like BoardRoom offers more flexibility and breathing room when it comes to spending more time on your core business competencies. All our company secretaries are more than adequately qualified and hold years of experience working in the field.

7. Is it easy for a foreigner to do business in Malaysia?

The Company Commission of Malaysia (CCM) dictates that foreigners can only run Private Limited by Shares company – in Malaysia, this is known as Sendirian Berhad (Sdn Bhd).

8. Is it possible to switch to new corporate secretarial services if you already have a company secretary?

It is possible to appoint, switch, or remove a company secretary at any point if your company decides to do so. If your business has a company secretary or has engaged a corporate secretarial services provider that you would like to switch from using, you must comply with any terms of the secretary’s appointment before their removal. You can then find and appoint a new company secretary or services provider that you think best suits your business. However, be mindful that the role of a company secretary within your organisation cannot be left empty for more than 30 days, which may result in a fine.

9. Why should you choose BoardRoom as your preferred company secretarial provider?

When setting up a company in Malaysia, it is important that you engage the services of the correct team to assist you. BoardRoom has a team of qualified professionals to see to your needs for the incorporation of your Malaysian company, including all your corporate secretarial duties.

With over 3,000 clients ranging from public listed firms, multinationals, and privately-owned enterprises, BoardRoom is currently the largest corporate services provider in Malaysia. Our team of experienced company secretaries will be able to meet your needs and obligations in the most timely and effective manner, eliminating any risk of fines, regulatory investigations and more. If you have any enquiries about our secretarial services, contact us anytime and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

10. What is corporate governance?

Corporate governance is the framework guiding an organisation’s oversight, operations, and management. It shapes behaviour, promotes ethical decisions, and ensures accountability, transparency, and integrity. It outlines how the organisations function, interact with stakeholders, and make crucial decisions, establishing checks and balances for responsible conduct.

Find out more on the “Best Practices for a Robust Corporate Governance Framework”.

11. Does BoardRoom provide corporate governance advisory and assessment services?

Yes, BoardRoom offers a comprehensive range of end-to-end corporate governance advisory services such as gap analysis, drafting of board charter and policies, drafting of Corporate Governance Report and Sustainability Report, and carrying out structured and confidential board effectiveness evaluation of your board, committees and directors.

Find out more on BoardRoom’s corporate governance and advisory services. Feel free to get in touch with us if you require further information.