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BoardRoom’s ESG Access is designed to assist companies in enhancing their environmental, social, and governance (ESG) performance reporting to stakeholders such as customers, investors, and regulators. Effective management and tracking of sustainability goals depends on having accurate data collection, reporting and analytics. However, traditional processes of ESG reporting can be labour intensive, time consuming, and costly.

With BoardRoom’s ESG Access, your sustainability reporting can become much easier, seamless, and more affordable.

Why is Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) so important to businesses?

Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) factors have become increasingly important for businesses. Companies are now expected to operate in a socially responsible and sustainable manner, as consumers and investors demand it. To meet these expectations, businesses must proactively manage their ESG issues, addressing risks, optimising operations, and enhancing their reputation. By focusing on proper ESG reporting and policies, companies can attract socially conscious stakeholders, improve financial performance, and create a positive brand image. Overall, strong ESG practices enable long-term success, value generation, and positive impacts on the environment and society.

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How can ESG Access benefit you?

Investing in sustainable corporate practices provides businesses with a strategic competitive advantage. However, the complex landscape of ESG reporting frameworks and lack of standardisation makes reporting ESG performance challenging. ESG managers must navigate multiple frameworks, align with industry standards, and meet stakeholder expectations. Manual collection and management of ESG data further complicates the process. Our ESG Access solution can help you simplify sustainability reporting by streamlining measurement, tracking, and improvement of ESG strategies and data.

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Improve your company's environmental, social and governance performance with BoardRoom's comprehensive ESG reporting solution

BoardRoom’s ESG sustainability reporting solution offers a comprehensive and easy-to-use way to track and improve your company’s environmental, social, and governance (ESG) performance. Our solution is pre-built with multiple global ESG reporting frameworks and software tools to help companies stay compliant with regulations and standards and meet their ESG objectives. With BoardRoom’s ESG solution, companies can measure their ESG performance easily, identify key areas for optimisation and improvements, and stay ahead with industry standards on ESG reporting. Sign up for a free trial today and learn how BoardRoom’s ESG Access solution can drive your sustainability goals.


ESG Framework & Reporting

BoardRoom’s ESG Access solution simplifies portfolio managers' compliance with international ESG framework standards. Our solution supports popular frameworks like GRI, SASB, and TCFD. Additionally, ESG Access allows you to create personalized frameworks tailored to your company's specific needs and objectives. This ensures meaningful reporting for stakeholders and industry, while measuring performance and tracking progress. With BoardRoom’s ESG Access, you have the flexibility to choose the best reporting framework for your company while staying compliant with regulations and standards.


ESG Strategy & Metrics

With ESG Access, you can effectively plan, execute, and track your ESG strategy, report on key metrics, and evaluate sustainability goals. It can also help you streamline stakeholder communications by proactively managing your company’s ESG initiatives. Our powerful platform assesses the impact of sustainability efforts, facilitates data-driven decisions and demonstrate your company's commitment to environmental and social responsibility to relevant stakeholders. Additionally, it can help you stay ahead of regulatory changes and attract socially conscious stakeholders.


Easy-to-Use Self-Guided Platform

ESG Access offers an intuitive, self-guided platform for seamless ESG reporting. Easily collect and organize ESG information, create personalized reports without external assistance. Suitable for companies of all sizes and industries, ESG Access saves time and resources by managing data and reporting in one platform. Achieve comprehensive and accurate sustainability reports that align with your ESG goals and stakeholder expectations. Experience the benefits of our user-friendly ESG Access solution and sign up for a trial demo today.

Choose BoardRoom’s ESG Access for your ESG needs

BoardRoom’s ESG Access is a comprehensive sustainability reporting software that helps you streamlines data collection, accelerates processes, and reduces administration tasks. Easily collect, store, and organise your company’s ESG data with our built-in user-friendly interface guidance. Monitor progress, measure performance, and make informed decisions with advanced features like materiality assessments and ready-to-distribute reports. Choose BoardRoom’s ESG Access for more efficient ESG reporting that enhances your company’s image and attracts investors, customers, and employees.

01 ESG Access Features

ESG Access is a user-friendly and cost-effective reporting tool for managing sustainability efforts. Suitable for companies and portfolio managers of all sizes and industries, our solution ensures regulatory compliance, ESG data management, and progress tracking. Our all-in-one platform simplifies data collection, organisation, and reporting, eliminating the need for additional tools or assistance. With BoardRoom ESG Access, you can generate comprehensive and accurate sustainability reports that are aligned with your company’s ESG goals and meet stakeholder expectations.

Materiality Assessment
Identifies for reporting the most important sustainability issues relating to your industry
Built-in ESG Frameworks
Allows you to develop your own reporting template or adhere to international requirements
ESG Collaboration Tools
Allows you to request data, responses, and evidence from colleagues and stakeholders within the platform, doing away with the need for emails and spreadsheets
Review, Validate & Audit
Ensures the accuracy of data and gives stakeholders access to a centralized platform where they can input, review, and approve custom reporting timelines and processes.
ESG Report Generation
Helps you create customized sustainability reports for sharing with stakeholders and shareholders

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With BoardRoom ESG Access, you can easily measure, track, and improve your ESG strategy, data, and reporting in minutes.

Our pre-built ESG frameworks, materiality assessments, collaboration and report generation capabilities, ensures that you have all the required tools to meet all your ESG reporting goals.

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