You can ensure operational sustainability, comply with regulations, and exceed stakeholder expectations with our end-to-end ESG services.

Investors and communities throughout the world are paying more attention to environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues. This means that a company’s ecological effect, societal interactions and operational methods are now crucial in determining its long-term viability. Risk management and governance are now essential for overall corporate performance. A solid ESG proposal adds substantially more value, attracting consumers, employees and investors.

BoardRoom’s ESG Malaysia team can assist your company in responding proactively to relevant ESG risks and opportunities by developing and implementing a custom-built plan.

A tailored approach to ESG support in Malaysia

BoardRoom, as your trusted business partner, delivers customised solutions and assistance along your ESG journey. Our SaaS-based approach offers a seamless end-to-end ESG solution that produces tangible outcomes.

Our mission is to make a positive difference in your company. Our cutting-edge ESG Access platform enables your business to operate responsibly while simultaneously reaping commercial rewards. The digital system, which uses blockchain technology, allows you to make data-driven decisions on risk management and future planning. It also enables automatic data collection and reporting, making it simple to meet your ESG compliance requirements in an ever-changing regulatory context.

Personalised ESG support
Reach your ESG goals

Ensure your ESG goals are met

Businesses are under increasing pressure from communities, investors, executives, and employees to demonstrate a genuine commitment to ESG. BoardRoom makes it simple to satisfy all of your ESG compliance needs and stakeholder expectations, whether your company is privately held or listed on Bursa Malaysia.

Our ESG Access platform streamlines data collection while simultaneously serving as a data storage solution. This allows data analysis and comparison of data across time, which is particularly valuable for sustainability reporting in Malaysia.

ESG Access also promotes an evidence-based approach to ESG, which means that you and your stakeholders can anticipate greater returns on ESG investments.

How outsourcing your ESG management can benefit your business

Outsourcing your ESG management helps to guarantee that your company continues on track to meet its objectives. Modern organisations hire an ESG expert consultancy team for the following reasons:


ESG is now vital for business

Due to the high demand for ethical corporate practices, ESG action is now required for economic success. ESG values and procedures must be integrated into your culture and operations today to ensure sustained success in the years ahead.


ESG strategy can be challenging

It might be difficult to know where to begin when your firm is starting its ESG journey. Investing in end-to-end ESG services means you get professional advice every step of the way. BoardRoom can help your organisation follow the ESG standards while introducing customised reporting software to save you time and money.


Expectations are changing rapidly

Businesses must be agile in their ESG initiatives to meet the changing demands of customers, regulators and investors. With our assistance, you can be confident that we will handle your stakeholder involvement, strategy implementation and reporting procedures in a timely and responsive manner.

Our ESG Malaysia services

BoardRoom’s skilled ESG consultants have specialised expertise in multiple APAC jurisdictions. We can assist you in developing and implementing a tailored ESG framework and strategy for your company, boosting long-term sustainability and profitability.

We also make it simple for your organisation to integrate other corporate services to streamline your administrative processes.

These include:

01 ESG consulting

BoardRoom provides a comprehensive approach to ESG, enabling our clients to make better decisions on their significant ESG issues. We assist your organisation in becoming a more socially acceptable, ecologically friendly and sustainable corporation – all while ensuring that your competitive edge is preserved and expanded.

We can assist with:

Understanding and evaluating the key ESG risks and opportunities for your company
Setting ESG objectives that are aligned with increased financial performance to enhance operational sustainability
Empowering leaders and middle management to meet ESG objectives
Drafting and creating meaningful, value-adding reporting
Identifying ESG issues that are relevant to your organisation by conducting a Materiality assessment
Supporting you in the development of a sustainability policy to improve business process optimisation
Making sure your supply chain practices social responsibility
SaaS-based solutions for simplifying data management
Using ESG due diligence as a decision-making tool
Trust-building with investors and stakeholders through ESG assurance

02 ESG Access reporting software

ESG Access is a software platform providing end-to-end collection and management of ESG sustainability data. By simplifying data management, you can gain valuable insights from your sustainability reporting.

The platform uses the efficiency of machine learning and blockchain security which enables a six-fold improvement in reporting speeds over standard consulting solutions.

We can assist with:

  • Streamlining your reporting on a common platform
  • Conducting an automated materiality assessment
  • Using industry-standard or customised reporting frameworks
  • Ensuring compliance with ESG reporting standards

Additionally, ESG Access provides employees of various levels of expertise with easy and innovative reporting ideas.

03 Materiality assessment

With BoardRoom’s ESG Access platform, you can efficiently conduct a comprehensive materiality assessment for your company.

A materiality assessment assists in identifying and prioritising possible ESG concerns that must be addressed in your internal strategy and operational choices. As a result, your ESG activities will be proactive instead of reactive, taking into account market trends and legislative changes.

We can assist with:

  • Understanding your organisation’s context
  • Evaluating and satisfying your stakeholders’ ESG expectations
  • Conducting early stakeholder consultations (including surveys)
  • Identifying and evaluating current and prospective ESG impacts
  • Prioritising the reporting of the most significant ESG impacts

04 Full life-cycle management

BoardRoom can manage your company’s ESG life-cycle. Our approach to ESG is to find the unique ESG strategies that will benefit your organisation and then work with you to implement them.

Having a complete life-cycle management approach ensures that all aspects of your business, including your work culture, daily operations, product range, and supply chain, contribute to your ESG initiatives.

We can support you with:

Fostering an ESG corporate culture through the participation of the board, leaders and employees
Implementing ESG with a values-driven strategy in your organisation
Driving ESG values through your business by refreshing your board structure
Including ESG factors in high-level strategic decision-making
Raising awareness of societal and environmental implications
Appointing ESG champions within your organisation
Establishing an ESG committee to improve board performance

BoardRoom can also provide follow-up services as required, ranging from operational model adjustments to mergers and acquisitions.

05 Corporate governance

The governance procedures of a company, including its stance on social problems like diversity and culture, are taken into consideration by investors when evaluating the ESG performance of a company. Good corporate governance plays a crucial role in supporting ESG initiatives.

In partnership with BoardRoom’s ESG experts, our corporate governance team can assist your organisation in establishing procedures to help enhance business performance, boost competitive advantage and reduce investor risk.

We can assist with:

  • Making sure your company operates in the interests of its stakeholders
  • Increasing corporate disclosure quality and openness
  • Putting in place a customised, streamlined procedure for obtaining assurances

Why Choose BoardRoom?

Because we help take your business further, faster, at all stages

Investing in a skilled ESG consultant will help you lower costs, minimise risks, and increase value for stakeholders. Additionally, it enables your company to continue to meet its ESG compliance needs.

Providing a full suite of exceptional corporate services for over 50 years, BoardRoom offers the expertise required for effective business transformation in an ever-changing ESG environment.

Save time and money
BoardRoom guides you through the complete ESG process to reduce administrative strain on your employees. Using ESG Access, you can streamline your ESG reporting processes, allowing you to devote more resources to your core business operations.
Receive expert local and regional advice
Our specialists have comprehensive knowledge of ESG compliance standards throughout APAC, including Bursa Malaysia sustainability reporting obligations. With expert teams serving customers in Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong and Australia, we can implement your ESG framework and strategy following local standards.
Easily maintain compliance
You can rest easy knowing that your ESG due diligence is being maintained with the help of our specialist ESG Malaysia team. As a result, you will remain compliant with stakeholders' and ESG requirements.
Gain competitive advantage
Our priority at BoardRoom is to create value. With our help, you'll benefit from a more stable investor base, lower capital costs, increased financing access, more employee engagement, and more robust consumer loyalty through ESG activities.
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