Ignite – A leading cloud-based payroll software in Malaysia and Asia

An award-winning payroll software and services provider in Malaysia, BoardRoom ensures your company operates at maximum efficiency with our advanced payroll management system, Ignite. Our next-generation payroll software Ignite can help automate your payroll management and enhance productivity, streamline your internal HR system and let you manage your human capital more efficiently in Malaysia. Ignite is the perfect payroll solution for businesses looking to expand and improve their operations.

Comprehensive and All-Inclusive Cloud-based HRMS Payroll Solution

Ignite offers 5 core modules to businesses in Malaysia and Asia, including Leave, Claims, Time & Attendance, Personnel, and Payroll. You can also access our payroll system via mobile app, allowing employee instant accesses to payslips, leave applications, and other company updates.

At Boardroom, we understand that companies’ needs are unique and will benefit the most from a customised payroll system. We currently offer three base plans, Essential, Professional, and Enterprise, to help simplify your choice, but Ignite can also be tailor-made to best match your business requirements.

Ignite Devices
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Employee Hub

A self-service portal with an intuitive multi-lingual user experience and automatic workflows reducing payroll administrative burden. It has a built-in instant notification system to keep your employees up-to-date.

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Payroll Management

A complete HRMS solution with multi-country statutory support, automating the entire payroll process and removing manual calculations increasing efficiency and accuracy.

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Made for Mobility

Helping your company stay connected 24/7 with our intuitive mobile app. Cloud-based online payroll solution for instant access to payslips, claims and leave application.

A payroll system that allows your business to run smoothly

Our all-in-one HR & Payroll platform delivers everything you need to empower your employees, reduce administrative burden and ultimately increase productivity in human resource management.

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Partner with award-winning payroll specialists

Our payroll team in Malaysia are honoured to be named Best Payroll Outsourcing Partner (Bronze) at the Malaysia HR Vendor of the Year Awards 2022.

This award represents our commitment to quality service, highly-trained staff and contribution to the HR industry. We’re proud to deliver innovative business performance and efficient payroll services in Malaysia and across the Asia-Pacific region.

Why should you choose Ignite Payroll Software?

Ignite can help you streamline your payroll process and save time and money. Managing payroll calculations and salary disbursements can be complicated, especially when dealing with different countries and regions with complex payroll compliance requirements. Ignite eliminates the need for multiple payroll systems, allowing your HR resources to focus on core business strategy rather than operational tasks.

With Ignite payroll system, you’ll benefit from:


True Multi-Country Payroll Processing

Ignite HRMS system provides accurate multi-country payroll processing and full compliance with local legislation in 10 Asian locations: Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, China, Indonesia, Vietnam, the Philippines, and Thailand.


Intuitive Mobile Application Built for Mobility

Ignite payroll software comes with an intuitive mobile application designed for mobility for your employees to stay connected 24/7, with instant access to their payslips, claims and leave application, anytime, anywhere. Managers can also easily manage outstanding approvals, all within their fingertips.


Full suite of Convenient Self-Managed Features

Ignite HRMS System features 5 core HR modules, Leave, Claims, Time & Attendance, Personnel & Payroll, each specifically designed to carry out standard HR tasks without draining resources from your team.

Experience the benefits of Ignite HRMS payroll software

Ignite payroll system is designed to increase productivity and simplify HR and payroll processing. It allows you to automate manual tasks such as generating payslips and year- end reporting, automatically calculate employee bonuses, expenses, holiday pay, and access valuable real-time reporting insights. Ignite makes your life easier and more efficient.

01 Ignite Payroll Management System Features

Ignite payroll software from BoardRoom offers a range of features to simplify payroll and ensure compliance with local regulations in Malaysia. It is also supported by ISO27001 certified data centers and SOC2 cloud hosting for added security and reliability.

All-inclusive HRMS solution with multi-country payroll, leave, and claims processing
Full compliance with local legislation in 10 Asian countries and regions
Flexible, automated leave and payroll processing
Mobile app for easy access to payslips, claims, and leave application and submission
Attendance tracking technologies, shift calendar, and staff rostering system
Dedicated account manager for streamlined communication
Multi-lingual capabilities supporting up to 11 languages

02 Ignite Setup, Management & Reporting

Our full-service payroll system setup includes assistance with migrating employee data, setting staff reporting lines, establishing manager approval levels, meeting statutory compliance requirements, setting up expense reports, and even pre-approving travel. We can also help you create comprehensive reports to track pay rates, timesheets, overtime data, taxes paid by employees and employers, and more.

03 Managed Payroll Processing Service

Our team of HR experts can handle all aspects of payroll, including in-cycle and out-of- cycle processing, and manage employee leave and entitlements accurately and efficiently across multiple countries, regions and languages.

      • Malaysia Malaysia
      • Singapore Singapore
      • Australia Australia
      • China China
      • Hong Kong Hong Kong
      • India India
      • Indonesia Indonesia
      • Japan Japan
      • Macau Macau
      • Myanmar Myanmar
      • New Zealand New Zealand
      • Philippines Philippines
      • South Korea South Korea
      • Thailand Thailand
      • Taiwan Taiwan
      • UAE UAE
      • Vietnam Vietnam

      04 Local Statutory Compliance and Management

      We help our clients meet their tax obligations by handling all statutory tax calculations and filings, compliance requirements, and filing of all legal requirements on behalf of our employees. This ensures that our clients are meeting all necessary tax obligations.

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              Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

              1. What is a payroll management system?

              A payroll management system is a software tool that streamlines a company’s payroll and HR processes. It provides an automated service platform that eliminates the need to perform time-consuming, mundane administrative tasks such as calculating payroll and distributing payslips accurately. It also grants employees an easy way to manage their own HR tasks such as leave applications and rostering.

              2. What are the benefits of using a payroll management system?

              Using a payroll management system or software allows your company to manage all payroll processes in an automated, compliant, accurate, and timely fashion. Without the use of a thorough management system or software, organising your company’s payroll and HR processes can be tedious and complex, requiring lots of time and effort for calculations and administration. When you use a payroll management system, you can enjoy benefits such as:

              • Automated payroll management to get all processes done quicker, boosting overall productivity and efficiency
              • Accurate calculations void of human error
              • Scalable management of all your team’s records
              • One organised platform for all HR processes
              • Easy viewing of all payroll and HR-related reports such as payslips, expenses, bonuses, taxes, and holiday pay

              3. Is payroll software easy to set up?

              Yes, installing payroll software can be easy and efficient if you engage the services of a skilled payroll services company. BoardRoom Malaysia can provide holistic payroll system setup and onboarding for our payroll software of choice, Ignite. Rest assured that your payroll system will be up and running in no time, ready to smoothly integrate into your workflows and provide a secure, comprehensive payroll solution.

              4. What is the best software for payroll management?

              Each payroll services company will use software that best suits their way of working. At BoardRoom, we use Ignite, our all-in-one cloud-based HRMS payroll software. Ignite is capable of managing the most complex payroll processing requirements, and can meet all local legislation compliance in 10 countries and regions across Asia. Ignite comes with a comprehensive employee portal and a range of other HR modules like time and attendance, leave and claims reimbursement.

              5. What are the main features of Ignite payroll software?

              BoardRoom’s Ignite payroll software offers a multitude of features that will make all your payroll processes easier whilst remaining compliant with local laws and regulations in Malaysia. Some of the key features include:

              • A comprehensive HRMS solution putting all your payroll, leave, and claims processing in one platform
              • Full statutory compliance with local legislation in 10 countries and regions across APAC
              • Automated, adaptable, and scalable payroll and leave processing
              • Innovative tracking technologies, calendar for shifts, and staff rostering system
              • User-friendly access for all employees via a dedicated mobile app
              • Multi-lingual capabilities supporting up to 11 languages

              6. Is Ignite payroll software secure?

              Yes, Ignite is a reliable and secure payroll management system that businesses in Malaysia can use worry-free. The software is supported by ISO27001 certified data centres and SOC2 cloud hosting to ensure optimal security.

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