Our payroll solutions ensure compliance and streamlines your HR operations

Payroll requirements in Malaysia and throughout the Asia-Pacific region are complicated and constantly evolving. It’s important to stay on top of your payroll management needs as they evolve, but this can be challenging when you’re unfamiliar with local labour regulations or do not have the proper resources.

Outsourcing your payroll management to a skilled third-party provider will not only help you comply with local legislation in Malaysia, but also ensure your staff are consistently paid accurately and on time.

Reliable payroll services in Malaysia

Our payroll team can help with your payroll needs in Malaysia and beyond through accurate and compliant payroll services. We look after your payroll administration so that you can concentrate on growing your business.

Whether you are a global organisation or a thriving SME, BoardRoom can help promote a smooth payroll process that complies with Malaysian rules and regulations. With in-depth local knowledge of Asia-Pacific jurisdictions, our team can assist with local payroll processing as well as more complex cross-border payroll management.

Payroll Services
Payroll Services

Award-winning payroll services provider in Malaysia

Our payroll team in Malaysia are honoured to be named Best Payroll Outsourcing Partner (Silver) at the Malaysia HR Vendor of the Year Awards 2023.

This award represents our commitment to supporting our clients’ HR functions through our quality service,highly-trained staff and contribution to the HR industry.

The benefits of payroll outsourcing

Just like tax compliance, payroll can be challenging to manage in-house. Errors must be avoided as they can have a significant financial impact on your team and across your organisation. Staff need to be paid on schedule every time, and companies must comply with the statutory requirements of each country they operate in. Ensuring accuracy is an onerous task that often puts unnecessary strain on internal workers.

By choosing to outsource your payroll services, you can:


Lower compliance risks with a faster turnaround

Quick end-to-end turnover time with a commitment to providing accurate and fully compliant payroll processing.


Access both regional and local payroll expertise

We have specialist local knowledge of Malaysia’s labour laws, plus payroll experience in 19 locations across Asia-Pacific.


Make better business decisions

Quickly access the most up-to-date business information through advanced reporting.

There are many benefits of engaging a payroll service provider, some of which are freeing up your internal resourcing, reduce the administrative load on your staff and focus on growing your business.

Streamline your business operations further by utilising our local and regional accounting and corporate secretarial functions too, ensuring your business needs are aligned with one point of contact.

How BoardRoom’s payroll outsourcing services can help your business

BoardRoom can confidently assist with all your regional payroll needs, whether you are a Malaysia-only company or operate in multiple locations throughout the Asia-Pacific region.

01 Malaysia payroll outsourcing services

BoardRoom’s specialist payroll team provides expert advice on complying with Malaysia’s evolving payroll rules and requirements. We manage your payroll administration and provide guidance and solutions in response to any immediate or forecasted problems.

We can help with:

Determining gross to net salary
Automated calculation and processing of employees’ and employers’ Employees’ Provident Fund (EPF) contribution for easy monthly e-submission of KWSP Form A
Automatic calculation of Potongan Cukai Bulanan (PCB)/Monthly Tax Deduction (MTD) and Social Security Organization (SOCSO)/Pertubuhan Keselamatan Sosial (PERKESO) contributions for eligible employees
Producing variance reports, payroll journals and payroll details
Transferring net salary into bank accounts and providing pay slips securely (soft or hard copy)
Preparation of year-end reporting forms and appendices (soft or hard copy)
Digital management of staff leave entitlements and expense claims
Online annual filing of Form E and CP8D to Inland Revenue Board of Malaysia (IRBM/LHDN)
Generation of EA form to all employees

02 Regional payroll processing services

We deliver payroll outsourcing services in 19 countries and regions, including:

    • Malaysia Malaysia
    • Australia Australia
    • China China
    • Hong Kong Hong Kong
    • India India
    • Indonesia Indonesia
    • Japan Japan
    • Macau Macau
    • Myanmar Myanmar
    • New Zealand New Zealand
    • Philippines Philippines
    • Singapore Singapore
    • South Korea South Korea
    • Thailand Thailand
    • Taiwan Taiwan
    • UAE UAE
    • Vietnam Vietnam

    We also deliver flexible payroll support, so you can either:

    • coordinate your payroll administration via BoardRoom Malaysia; or
    • decentralise coordination across our network of local business sites.

    We can help with:

    • meeting local legal requirements and preparing necessary filings;
    • international payroll processing;
    • managing cross-border pay runs; and
    • integrating your payroll and tax functions;

    03 Ignite HRMS payroll system

    Our payroll services are supported by our powerful cloud-based payroll software, Ignite. Our HR management software (HRMS) removes the need for multiple platforms, offering a true multi-country payroll experience. With a single login, international payroll management is faster and simpler as a result. The employee payroll system has robust reporting functions so you can make data-driven decisions anytime.

    Ignite offers:

    • a comprehensive HRMS solution with 5 core modules: Payroll, Personnel, Leave, Attendance and Claim
    • total compliance with local regulations in nine countries and regions across Asia;
    • a convenient mobile app for immediate access to pay slips, leave forms and claims;
    • attendance-logging functionality, a rostering system and a shift calendar; and
    • a sole account manager for personalised support.

    Ignite streamlines your regional payroll outsourcing process and provides your HR team more visibility for the purpose of forward planning.

    Choose BoardRoom as your payroll services provider in Malaysia

    Because we help take your business further, faster, at all stages

    Outsourcing your payroll management to a specialist service provider will help you maximise potential revenue growth, lower costs and reduce risk, as well as achieve full legal compliance. BoardRoom has been helping businesses achieve their goals for the past 50 years, making us one of the most highly regarded payroll outsourcing firms in Malaysia and across the Asia-Pacific region.

    Save time and money
    Engaging a skilled third-party payroll services provider allows you to focus on your primary business objectives and removes the need to spend significant resources on payroll staff recruitment and training.
    Achieve multi-country compliance
    BoardRoom’s experienced payroll team possesses extensive expertise in Malaysia’s payroll regulations and in the Asia-Pacific region. Engaging our payroll outsourcing services not only reduces your administrative burden but also mitigates the risk of penalties for non-compliance.
    Enhance productivity
    When your payroll duties are taken care of by a reliable payroll service provider, your staff have more time to invest in growing your business and your profitability.
    Ensure security and efficiency
    Improve efficiency and ensure security with our employee payroll system, backed by our certified ISO27001 data centres, SOC2 cloud hosting and ISAE 3402 attestation.

    Get in touch with our payroll solutions expert today!

    Ken Wong


    Ken Wong

    Managing Director Asia, Payroll

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    1. What are the types of payroll services?

    Payroll services are offered by third-party companies which manage your payroll processing, ensuring all your employees are paid accurately on time, every time in compliance with local regulations. The type of payroll services being provided differs depending on your specific business requirements. Typically, a payroll outsourcing vendor can offer a range of services from monthly salary calculations, disbursements, and reporting. Additional services such as leave, claims and time and attendance handling may also be provided.

    2. What is payroll outsourcing?

    Payroll outsourcing refers to the process where a business or enterprise enlists the help of a third-party payroll processing company to support the management of the administrative & compliance functions of paying employees. This function is usually seen as an administrative burden and can result in penalties from statutory departments if regulatory requirements are not met. A business can easily outsource to a payroll provider to help ease internal HR resources, increase cost-savings and reduce risk for the business.

    3. How does payroll outsourcing work?

    A company looking to outsource payroll will first need to provide the payroll vendor with their basic employees detail such as employment date, occupation and salary for the initial payroll setup. On a monthly basis, the outsourced payroll vendor will help to calculate the employees’ salary amount with the information from their timecard data and any mandatory contributions, before processing the salary payment.

    By outsourcing the work, the administrative task is completely taken care of by the outsourcing provider without much involvement required from the company, thus freeing up valuable resources for the business.

    4. Should I outsource my payroll services?

    When you outsource your payroll services, your company can expect to save on time and costs, as you effectively hand all your payroll administration and tasks over to a team of experts who can take care of all those processes for you. Outsourcing payroll to a reputable services provider can relieve stress from your business, making it a positive investment.

    5. What are the benefits of outsourcing payroll?

    Outsourcing your business’s payroll has several benefits that can lead to improvement in maintaining compliance and maximising efficiency of payroll, as well as freeing up time for you and your HR employees to focus on growing your business.

    Some benefits by outsourcing to BoardRoom include:

    • Time savings by outsourcing the administrative tasks
    • Cost savings by spending less on hiring and training new in-house staff
    • Enhanced security with BoardRoom’s proven Ignite HRMS Payroll System
    • Access to a team of regional payroll experts to provide advice on regulatory compliance
    • Improved employee access and engagement with our Ignite Payroll mobile application

    6. How much do payroll outsourcing services cost?

    Pricing for payroll outsourcing services can vary depending on the scale and comprehensiveness of the payroll service at hand. The range varies depending on your specific requirements, the expertise of the vendor and the platform used, but is typically calculated on a per employee per month basis. Factors that also influence cost include the number of headcounts, complexity of payroll handling and any value-added tasks that need to be performed by the payroll vendor for you.

    Other additional costs typically include one-time implementation fees, data migration, integration with other HR software (if required), and more. Get in touch with us for more information regarding pricing.

    7. How to choose a payroll and HR service provider for your business?

    Each business has their own set of distinct needs, and the payroll service provider should be able to meet all of them. Start by considering what these needs are. Do you need a company that offers a full suite of HR payroll services or just to roll out monthly payslips? Once you have a clear understanding of this, finding the right company becomes significantly easier.

    Get in touch with us at BoardRoom Malaysia if you want help identifying your business needs as well as how we can help you.

    8. How secure is outsourcing payroll?

    With a reputable company, outsourcing your payroll is a secure process. When considering which company to hire to help with your payroll, be sure to look for testimonials and customer reviews. You can also look for whether they have any certifications, like ISO 9001, ISO 27001, and SOC2. Attestations such as International Standard on Assurance Engagements (ISAE 3402) shows the vendor’s commitment to security, confidentiality and best practices.

    BoardRoom’s payroll processing services are OSPAR certified and fully compliant with the personal data protection laws of each country we operate in. Our data centres have achieved ISO27001 standards and our cloud hosting has been awarded the SOC 2 certification. BoardRoom has also attained ISAE 3402 Type 1 attestation.

    9. How can BoardRoom help in payroll services?

    At BoardRoom, our trusted and proven payroll solution can help businesses handle their payroll in the most efficient and streamlined way possible. Our team of payroll experts are well-versed in helping businesses of all sizes with their payroll processing needs, having accumulated years of experience dealing with some of the most complex payroll requirements and compliance matters. Get in touch with us for more information on your payroll outsourcing needs.