Count on BoardRoom’s Corporate Tax Experts to Keep Your Business Compliant

Though pertinent for every business, tax regulations, cross-border tax matters and corporate tax filing remains a complicated and evergreen issue. BoardRoom’s team of dedicated Tax services experts ensures that when it comes to corporate tax preparation and requirements, your businesses stay compliant with tax filing regulations and submission deadlines.

BoardRoom understands that tax reporting is unavoidable in almost every aspect of any business. We offer a full scope of corporate tax filing services, tax audit and tax consultancy services to help prevent your business from unexpected losses due to misunderstanding requirements, regulation or accidentally missing deadlines. As one of Malaysia’s top service providers, our tax advisory services ensure that you can confidently handle any tax issues your business may face with all the information you need. Our team of experts will help you identify any tax risks and find solutions to mitigate them, helping your business avoid any unnecessary losses. All the while making sure you are meeting all deadlines and staying compliant with regulations.

01 Tax Compliance and Tax Filing Services Across Malaysia

(provided in conjunction with Registered Tax Agents under the Malaysia Income Tax Act 1967)

  • Preparing and filing of Sales and Service Tax (SST) Returns
  • Preparing and filing of Corporate Tax, Indirect Tax, Digital Tax, Partnership Tax Returns
  • Employer tax return filing service
  • Personal income tax filing service
  • Tax clearance service for foreigners
  • Withholding tax return service
  • Country-by-country reporting (CBCR) notification service
  • Provisional tax computation service
  • Imported tax service
  • Tax audit, desk audit, field audit and tax investigation service

02 Tax Advisory Services

  • Advising on Sales and Service Tax (SST)
  • Advising on Effective Tax Structuring/Restructuring Solutions for Clients
  • Advising on Tax Implications relating to Cross-Border Transactions
  • Advising on Tax efficient employment packages
  • Assisting with Tax Investigation and Audit Cases*
  • Conducting Tax Due Diligence Work

* provided in conjunction with Registered Tax Agents under the Malaysia Income Tax Act, 1967

03 Other Outsourced Tax Services

  • Registration and de-registration of Sales and Service Tax (SST)
  • Registration of tax reference number
  • Registration of employer number
  • Application of tax incentives (eg. Pioneer status, Investment Tax Allowance, MSC Status)
  • Real Properties Gains Tax
  • Reinvestment Allowance review
  • Application for certificate of residence

Take your business to the next level with BoardRoom’s expert tax consultancy services today. Our team of specialists are ready to help you with any issues or concerns regarding your company’s taxes. Don’t hesitate to send us your enquiry, and a member of our team will get in contact with you as soon as possible.

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BoardRoom is Asia-Pacific’s leader in Corporate and Advisory Services including Regional Employee Plan Services, Regional Payroll Services, Corporate Secretarial Services, Share Registry Services, Accounting and Taxation Services, Payroll Outsourcing, and Human Resource Outsourcing.

For over 50 years, we have supported companies in navigating through complex operational and regulatory policies and cultural sensibilities. We are well-positioned in Asia-Pacific with offices in Singapore, Australia, China, Hong Kong, and Malaysia, as well as an extensive partner network throughout Asia.

BoardRoom is the partner of choice for many Fortune 500 multinational companies, public listed and privately owned enterprises.

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Chester Leong

Regional Managing Director, Boardroom Business Solutions