Comply with regulations, minimise risk and claim tax benefits with our holistic consultancy services

Meeting your tax obligations goes beyond just ticking boxes and filling out forms: the reputation of your business relies upon it. BoardRoom Malaysia’s tax advisory services will help secure long-term success for your business while ensuring you comply with local tax requirements and laws. Our expert team will also help you obtain valuable tax benefits and incentives for your business.

Reliable tax consultancy for APAC organisations

BoardRoom’s expert staff are available to help you navigate Malaysia’s intricate tax requirements. Our team is well-versed in Malaysia’s local tax regulations, with extensive knowledge of regional and global tax laws to help you meet tax compliance obligations with ease across Asia-Pacific.

Hundreds of companies in Malaysia and across APAC choose our services each financial year for help preparing and filing their tax and payment documentation.


Maintain tax compliance with BoardRoom Malaysia’s services

We are Malaysia’s tax consultancy firm of choice. Helping businesses comply with tax laws, complete tax and income filing, submit tax returns, navigate the Sales and Service Tax (SST) and more.

Our tax consultancy services can help your business stay compliant while reducing tax payments, whether you’re a large multi-country organisation or a thriving SME.

What are the benefits of tax advisory services?

When you are dealing with tricky tax regulations and international tax matters, there’s less time to focus on your main business goals. Engaging BoardRoom to handle critical tax, payroll and accounting duties will allow your team more time to drive business growth.

Our skilled BoardRoom tax team can help your business:


Minimise the risk of financial penalties for non-compliance

Access specialist knowledge across multiple Asia-Pacific jurisdictions to maintain strict local and cross-border compliance.


Save time and money

Reduce administrative burden and lower employee overheads while increasing company tax benefits and incentives.


Gain peace of mind

Know with certainty that you are meeting deadlines and requirements without risk of non-compliance.

BoardRoom’s tax advisory & filing services in Malaysia

BoardRoom has been working with businesses of all sizes across a range of industries for more than 50 years. This makes us one of the most highly regarded tax consultants in Malaysia. Our team provides comprehensive tax advisory and compliance services for businesses in Malaysia and across Asia-Pacific.

01 Tax compliance and filing assistance

BoardRoom’s tax services team is highly experienced in preparing and filing income and personal taxes in Malaysia. When you work with us, you’ll have peace of mind that your company is complying with stringent local and international tax regulations.

Our Malaysia tax services can help with:

Planning for tax filing and payment due dates
Preparing, checking and lodging of SST returns
Tax clearance and withholding services
Country-by-county reporting (CBCR) notification
Provisional tax computation
Gap analysis and gap closure strategy to ensure business compliance during e-invoicing transition

02 Malaysia tax consultancy

Our industry-leading tax advisory team will ensure your business obtains all tax breaks and exemptions it is entitled to. After gaining a strong understanding of your organisational structure, we will provide you with expert advice on tax management for business success now and in the future.

We can help with:

Tax due diligence checking
Tax structuring and restructuring
Tax implications for international transactions
Developing tax-efficient employment packages
Consultancy and project management to ensure smooth implementation for e-invoicing system
Technical support and post-implementation evaluation of e-invoicing transition

03 Additional outsourced tax services

BoardRoom can manage all your business’s tax duties, making your tax filing responsibility as easy as possible. We will take care of all the necessary documentation from beginning to end. Our tax compliance team in Malaysia will support you with tax registration procedures and administrative matters to help your business succeed.

We can help with:

  • Registration and de-registration of SST
  • Registration of tax reference numbers and employee numbers
  • Applying for tax incentives (e.g. pioneer status, investment tax allowance, Malaysia Digital Status, MSC status)
  • Training on Malaysia e-invoice initiative and tax implication, accounting and human resource matters and awareness, compliance and implementation strategy

Why choose BoardRoom as your tax consultancy firm?

Because we help take your business further, faster, at all stages

The benefits of engaging a skilled tax consultancy service in Malaysia include lowering costs, mitigating risk and driving profitability. And all this can be achieved alongside strict compliance with local tax regulations.

With 50 years of experience supporting Asia-Pacific companies to thrive, BoardRoom has become one of Malaysia’s most highly regarded tax advisory firms. We also offer professional accounting and bookkeeping services to further maintain your company’s integrity.

Save time and money
By outsourcing your tax management, you can continue to focus on your main business activities. You won’t need to hire dedicated employees and spend money training them to perform day-to-day tax duties internally.
Maintain international compliance
The BoardRoom team can help minimise your administrative load as well as reduce the risk of financial penalties and reputational harm due to non-compliance. Our knowledge of tax matters across Asia-Pacific jurisdictions is yours to access.
Receive unrivalled advice
With a thorough understanding of Malaysia’s tax system, BoardRoom’s skilled tax consultancy team can help you obtain the tax breaks and exemptions your company is entitled to.
Improve productivity
Engaging our tax services will free up your organisation’s time and resources, allowing executive and management staff to concentrate on boosting revenue and growth.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What types of tax services are there in Malaysia?

As a business in Malaysia, you have a wide range of tax services available to help streamline your processes and ensure complete compliance. At BoardRoom, we offer comprehensive tax compliance and filing services as well as advisory services, registration and de-registration of Sales and Service Tax (SST), plus much more so you can manage all your tax needs efficiently and compliantly.

2. What is the corporate tax rate in Malaysia?

In Malaysia, corporate tax rates operate on a two-tiered system. With effect from year of assessment (YA) 2020, local small and medium enterprise (SME) with share capital valued at MYR2.5 million or less and their gross income from a source or sources consisting of a business is not more than RM50 million for the relevant YA, SME are able to enjoy preferential tax rates of 17% on the first MYR 600,000 of income and 24% for anything over that. Whereas for non-SMEs, the company would be taxed at 24% on its taxable income.

3. What does a tax advisor do?

Tax advisors are trained professionals who can offer advice to your company on how to reduce the amount of tax owed whilst staying compliant with all local regulations. Tax advisory services at BoardRoom include advice on SST, strategies for tax restructuring, tax due diligence work, and much more to ensure your business operations are running as smoothly as possible.

4. Why is tax compliance important?

Staying tax compliant is vital for all businesses in Malaysia. Failing to do so can result in harsh penalties for your business or complete cessation. A strategic tax plan can ensure you minimise the amount of tax needed to pay while remaining compliant. This way, you have more capital to work with and can devise a growth plan for your company.

5. What is the difference between tax planning and tax compliance?

Tax compliance is a basic requirement for all businesses in Malaysia. In short, it means your business is paying all the taxes necessary to avoid running into issues with the Inland Revenue Board of Malaysia or facing any penalties.

Tax planning is a more strategic process in which your business looks for ways to legally minimise the amount of tax needed to be paid. Tax planning can be done in-house, or by enlisting the help of seasoned professionals like those at BoardRoom, who can also assist with tax compliance when you engage our consultancy services.

6. What are tax filing services in Malaysia?

Tax filing services usually include everything from preparing and filing SST returns, corporate tax, indirect tax, digital tax, partnership tax returns, and more. Allowing a third-party business like BoardRoom to handle your tax filing services frees up time for you to focus on matters that need your direct attention.

7. What are tax advisory services in Malaysia?

Tax advisory services refer to the strategies that can be devised in order to reduce the amount of tax needed to be paid while staying compliant with all regulations in Malaysia. To do this, advisory services may include restructuring plans, due diligence work, and more.

8. What are the benefits of tax advisory services?

The benefits of outsourcing tax advisory and consultancy services are plentiful for businesses in Malaysia and across APAC. There are always numerous tax regulations and rules to stay on top of, wherever you are based in the reason, and using a reputable tax advisory firm to handle these matters will allow your business to focus more on its core tasks.

Some the benefits of engaging a tax advisory services provider like BoardRoom include:

  • Time and cost savings by utilising a team of experts specially versed in tax management, with no need to hire or train internally
  • Maintaining tax compliance with local regulations, whether in Malaysia or internationally
  • Thorough tax filing, registration, and application assistance
  • Access to a team of knowledgeable professionals who can provide advice on all areas of tax management

9. How can BoardRoom’s tax services help my business in Malaysia?

BoardRoom has the experience and tools necessary to help your business successfully navigate the world of tax. Through our tax planning strategies and advisory work, we can help you stay 100% compliant and on the road to success. Get in touch with our team in Malaysia to learn more about our tax services.