Payroll Software Naming Competition


Terms and Conditions of the [BoardRoom Payroll Software Naming Competition] (“Competition”)

1. This Competition is open to all employees of Boardroom Limited and its subsidiaries (“Boardroom Group”) during the Period (as defined below) (“Employees”).

2. The Competition will run from 10 June (Monday) to 17 June 2019 (Monday), entry submission ends 11.59pm. (both days inclusive) (“the Period”).

3. Each Employee may submit one entry only during the Period.

4. Boardroom Group is looking to name our new Payroll Software. Employees who wish to participate are to submit their proposed names for our Payroll Software. The Employees are to submit their entries via the dedicated online competition form: (“Submissions”). Each Submission should be accompanied by a brief description (not more than 100 words) on the idea/concept behind the Submission.

5. The Submissions must not contain any provocative, objectionable or inappropriate content. Such submission will be summarily rejected. The Boardroom Group reserves the right to reject any Submission based on its discretion.

6. The Employee who submitted the entry must be the same person who has conceptualized the name. Plagiarism and/or copyright violation will not be allowed. The Employees should be aware that there may be other legal consequences for plagiarism and/or copyright infringement and the Boardroom Group will not be held responsible for the Employee’s actions.

7. By submitting the Submission, the Employee warrants that:

  • They have complied with these terms and conditions;
  • Their proposed name is original; and
  • Their Submission does not infringe any intellectual property rights of any third party.

8. The Boardroom Group accepts no responsibility for any damage, loss or injury of any kind suffered by any Employee in entering the Competition, including as a result of any Employee winning or not winning any prize.

Evaluation Criteria

9. All the Submissions received would be assessed for the award by the BoardRoom Singapore Marketing department, Ken Wong and Kim Teo “Selection Committee”.

10. Submissions will be judged based on elements of creativity, originality, composition, brand image simplicity, merit and how well they communicate and promote the identity of the Boardroom Group.

11. The decision of the Selection Committee will be final and binding on all the Employees and no clarifications would be issued to any Employees for any of the decisions made by the Selection Committee. Any dispute is to be brought to the Group CEO whose decision will be final.

12. The Boardroom Group will have the right over the winning Submissions for usage in a way felt appropriate by it. The Employees will have no right or claim on the winning Submissions. The Boardroom Group shall not use the Submissions that did not win a prize and/or for any purpose and shall have no intellectual rights over the same.

13. The Boardroom Group will own all the copyright and all other intellectual property rights in the Submissions without further compensation to the Employees.

14. The Selection Committee will pick the top three names on or before 21 Jun 2019 (“Draw Date”).

15. If more than one Employee submitted the same name, the Employee that submitted the name first will prevail.

16. The prizes will be as follows: –

  1. First Prize: APPLE 10.5-INCH IPAD PRO
  2. Runner Up: APPLE WATCH SERIES 4
  3. Second Runner Up: GOOGLE HOME

17. The Prizes cannot be exchanged for cash.

18. The Prizes not collected within 5 working days of the winners being informed will be forfeited and the Boardroom Group will have the discretion to either award the Prize to another Submission or not award that Prize at all.