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BoardRoom’s ESG Access is built to help companies maximise their positive impact through improved environmental, social and governance (ESG) performance reporting to their customers, investors, and regulators. A robust management of sustainability performance depends on accurate data collection, reporting and analytics. However, traditional processes and reporting can be manual, time consuming, and expensive.

With BoardRoom’s ESG Access, sustainability reporting becomes much easier, faster, and more affordable.

01 ESG Access – A comprehensive ESG & Sustainability Reporting Solution

Why is Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) so important to businesses?

There is growing evidence to suggest that sustainable corporate practices through active Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) management have substantial benefits to businesses. Further, reporting, managing and improving your ESG data and disclosure allows employees, investors, and stakeholders valuable insight into your business and its positive impact.

For this reason, there is a direct correlation between companies who invest in robust ESG reporting practices and their ability to attract investment, top talent, engage with stakeholders, stay ahead of the curve with regulatory changes, and much more.

Investing in sustainable corporate practices can be a strategic competitive advantage for businesses. However, the ESG reporting landscape can be complex, with a wealth of frameworks and expectations that can make implementation and management of ESG policies and data challenging.

The solution? BoardRoom ESG Access.

ESG Framework & Reporting

BoardRoom ESG Access allows corporate and portfolio managers to easily understand and follow international framework standards relevant to their businesses, or insert their own bespoke frameworks. The self-guided platform is embedded with an education journey which allows for the collection of information centrally, efficiently, and produce reports without the need for external assistance.

ESG Strategy & Metrics

What’s more, ESG Access allows you to plan, execute and track your ESG strategy and report on key metrics to gauge the progress and success of your sustainability goals. This can effectively help to streamline and simplify stakeholder communications and proactively manage your ESG initiatives.

ESG Access

02 ESG Access Features

ESG Access is an intuitive, fast, and affordable sustainability reporting tool, supporting corporates and portfolio managers, regardless of their size, industry, or experience with sustainability. Core features include:

    Data migration services:
    • Materiality Assessment – generation of a list of recommended material topics to report on, relevant to your specific industry.
    • Built-in ESG Frameworks – follow recognised international frameworks or insert a bespoke reporting template.
    • ESG Collaboration Tools – request data, responses, and evidence from colleagues and stakeholders straight in the platform, avoiding emails and spreadsheets.
    • Review, Validate & Audit – allow stakeholders to input, review and approve customised reporting timelines and approval processes and sense check data in a centralised platform.
    • ESG Report Generation – Design and produce your customised sustainability report, to share with shareholders and stakeholders.

    03 Establish your ESG reporting in minutes – request a demonstration or free trial today.

    BoardRoom ESG Access makes sustainability reporting easier, faster, and more affordable. Confidently measure, track & improve your ESG strategy, data & reporting. Sign up for a quick demo and get your sustainability reporting set up within minutes. Get in touch with us now.

    ESG Access

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    Tina Thomas

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