Ensure compliance to stakeholder requirements, satisfy compliance requirements and exceed stakeholder expectations with our end-to-end ESG services to future-proof your business.

Around the world, investors and communities are paying increasingly close attention to environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues. This means a business’s environmental impact, societal relationships and ways of operating are now important factors in determining its long-term success. Robust risk mitigation and governance are critical to overall business performance. A strong ESG proposition delivers significantly greater value and, in turn, attracts customers, employees and investors.

BoardRoom’s ESG Singapore team can help your business proactively respond to relevant ESG risks and opportunities through the development and execution of a customised strategy.

Personalised ESG support

As your trusted business partner, BoardRoom provides tailored solutions and advice throughout your entire ESG journey. Our unique SaaS-based approach enables a smooth end-to-end ESG solution that delivers real results.

Creating a positive impact for your business is our goal. Our innovative ESG Access platform helps your company operate responsibly while also maximising commercial benefits. Using blockchain technology, the digital platform allows you to make data-driven decisions on risk management and forward planning. It also enables automated data collection and reporting, making it easy to fulfil all your ESG compliance obligations amid a rapidly evolving regulatory landscape.

Personalised ESG support
Reach your ESG goals

Reach your ESG goals

Businesses are under increasing pressure from communities, investors, partners and employees to demonstrate a true commitment to ESG. Whether your business is privately owned or listed on the Singapore stock exchange, BoardRoom makes it easy to meet all your ESG compliance obligations and stakeholder expectations.

Our ESG Access platform enables seamless data collection and a central repository. This makes it easy to analyse and compare data over periods of time, driving greater value in your reporting and implementation of ESG initiatives.

ESG Access also supports an evidence-based approach to ESG, which means you and your stakeholders can expect higher returns on investment in ESG initiatives.

Why outsource your ESG?

Outsourcing your ESG management helps ensure that your company stays on track to achieve its goals. Modern businesses are choosing to engage an ESG advisory firm for the following reasons:


ESG is now a business imperative

High demand for responsible corporate practice has meant that ESG action is now essential for business success. To achieve consistent growth in the years ahead, ESG values and processes must be embedded into your culture and operations today.


ESG strategy can be complicated

If your company is at the start of its ESG journey, it can be difficult to know where to begin. Investing in end-to-end ESG services ensures you receive expert guidance every step of the way. BoardRoom can help embed the best ESG practices into your organisation, while also implementing tailored reporting software to save you time and money.


Expectations are rapidly evolving

Businesses must be agile with their ESG efforts in order to keep up with evolving expectations from consumers, regulators and investors. With the support of our team, you can have confidence in the timely and responsive handling of your stakeholder engagement, strategy implementation, and reporting processes.

Our ESG Singapore services

BoardRoom’s team of experienced ESG professionals have specialist expertise in multiple APAC jurisdictions. We can help develop and implement a tailor-made ESG strategy for your business, supporting ongoing sustainability and profitability as a result.

We also make it easy for your company to combine professional services to help streamline your administrative process.

The services we provide include:

01 ESG consulting

BoardRoom takes a holistic approach to ESG, which helps our clients make better decisions on their material ESG issues. We help transform your organisation into a more socially accepted, environmentally friendly and sustainable business – while ensuring your competitive advantage is not only maintained but enhanced.

We can help with:

Understanding the relevant ESG risks and opportunities for your business and quantifying their impact
Setting ESG targets that align with improved financial performance to promote operational sustainability
Empowering business leaders and middle management to hit ESG targets
Drafting and building meaningful sustainability reports that deliver value
Undertaking a materiality assessment to identify which ESG issues relate to your organisation
Drafting a sustainability policy to streamline business processes
Ensuring supply chain compliance with socially responsible business practices
SaaS-based software solutions for data management simplification
ESG due diligence to inform decision-making
ESG Assurance to build trust with stakeholders and investors

02 ESG Access reporting software

ESG Access is an end-to-end enterprise software platform for the collection and management of ESG sustainability data. Our ESG reporting software enables you to simplify your data management and translate the data into valuable insights.

The platform leverages the efficiency of machine learning and the security of blockchain. It provides an efficient reporting process, with the ability to produce reports six times faster than standard consulting solutions.

We can help with:

  • Streamlining your reporting on a shared platform
  • Delivering an automated materiality assessment
  • Applying industry-standard or customised reporting frameworks
  • Ensuring compliance with ESG reporting standards

ESG Access also provides smart reporting suggestions, meaning employees at all experience levels can use the platform confidently.

03 Materiality assessment

With BoardRoom’s ESG Access platform, you can easily undertake a materiality assessment for your business.

A materiality assessment helps identify and prioritise the potential ESG issues that will need to be included in your strategy and operational decisions. It also takes into account global trends and regulatory shifts, ensuring your ESG efforts are proactive rather than reactive.

We can help with:

  • Understanding your organisational context
  • Assessing and meeting the ESG expectations of your stakeholders
  • Conducting initial stakeholder consultations (including surveys)
  • Identifying actual and potential ESG impacts, and assessing their significance
  • Prioritising the most significant ESG impacts for reporting

04 Full life-cycle management

BoardRoom provides full ESG life-cycle management for your business. Instead of seeing ESG as merely a box-ticking compliance exercise, we identify the specific ESG strategies that will benefit your business and then work with you to incorporate these strategies into your business model.

Full life-cycle management ensures all aspects of your business help to drive your ESG efforts, from your work culture and daily operations to your product portfolio and supply chain.

We can help with:

Building a strong corporate culture of ESG through engagement with board members, organisational leaders and all staff
Embedding ESG into all aspects of your organisation through a values-led approach
Refreshing your board structure to help drive ESG values through the business
Integrating the ESG agenda into high-level strategic decision-making
Achieving high levels of transparency on environmental and societal impacts
Appointing ESG champions throughout your organisation
Establishing an ESG committee to support board effectiveness

BoardRoom also provides a range of follow-on services as required, from operating model changes to strategic initiatives such as M&A.

05 Corporate governance

When assessing the ESG performance of a business, today’s investors look not only at climate risk mitigation measures but also into the business’s governance practices, including its approaches to social issues such as diversity and culture. Strong ESG initiatives are supported by good corporate governance.

Offering a suite of complementary corporate services, BoardRoom’s corporate governance team can work closely with our ESG experts to help your business establish practices that elevate company performance, increase competitive advantage and reduce your risk level in the eyes of investors.

We can help with:

  • Ensuring your business acts in the best interests of stakeholders
  • Achieving transparency and quality of corporate disclosures
  • Implementing a customised, simplified process for gaining assurances

Why Choose BoardRoom?

Because we help take your business further, faster, at all stages

Engaging a knowledgeable ESG consultant can help you minimise costs, mitigate risks and raise value for stakeholders. It also provides peace of mind that your business is meeting its ongoing ESG compliance requirements.

With a 50-year history of providing outstanding corporate services, BoardRoom has the experience needed to support effective business transformation in the rapidly evolving ESG environment.

Save time and money
BoardRoom assists you through the entire ESG process to minimise the administrative burden on your staff. The ESG Access platform makes your ESG strategy and reporting processes easier, faster and more affordable, so you will have more resources to dedicate to core business objectives.
Receive expert local and regional advice
Our teams have extensive knowledge of ESG compliance requirements throughout APAC, including SGX sustainability reporting requirements. With skilled teams servicing clients in Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Australia, we can administer your ESG strategy in line with local expectations.
Easily maintain compliance
With the support of our dedicated ESG Singapore team, you can rest easy knowing your ESG due diligence is maintained. This way, you remain compliant with evolving ESG regulations and stakeholder expectations.
Gain competitive advantage
At BoardRoom, our focus is on value creation. We help ensure your ESG efforts deliver a range of competitive advantages, including a steadier investor base, lower cost of capital, increased access to financing, higher staff engagement and stronger customer loyalty.


Tina Thomas

Head of ESG, BoardRoom Group