Ignite – A leading cloud-based payroll software management system in Singapore and Asia

An award-winning payroll software and services provider in Singapore, BoardRoom ensure your company operates at maximum efficiency. Our next generation integrated payroll software and management system – Ignite, helps simplify your company’s payroll process and makes it much more efficient.

Ignite is an unparalleled payroll software system that was developed with companies’ business growth in mind. With our leading payroll system, you will spend less time on tedious HR tasks and more on expanding your business.

Comprehensive and All-Inclusive Cloud-based HRMS Payroll Solution

Ignite offers five major payroll modules – Leave, Claims, Time & Attendance, Personnel, and Payroll – to businesses in Singapore and Asia. Since our payroll system can be viewed through a mobile app, you and your employees will have complete access to payslips, leave and claims application and other important documents.

Having a customised payroll management system offers a plethora of benefits. Our HR & Payroll software delivers everything you need to empower your employees, reduce administrative burden and ultimately increase productivity in human resource management.


Partner with award-winning payroll specialists

We were proud to be named Best Payroll Outsourcing Partner (Silver) at the Singapore HR Vendor of the Year Awards 2021.

This award confirms our team’s commitment to delivering consistent, high-quality payroll services and solutions. And it affirms our position as one of the most trusted providers of payroll services in Singapore and across the Asia-Pacific region.

Why Ignite Payroll Software is the right solution for you?

Managing payroll calculations and salary disbursements can be time-consuming and costly, especially when dealing with multiple jurisdictions with complex payroll statutory compliance. With Ignite, you can streamline your payroll efficiency by eliminating the need for multiple payroll systems across different countries and regions. This helps free up your HR resources to focus on strategic core business rather than operational management tasks.

With Ignite payroll system, you’ll get:


True Multi-Country Payroll Processing

Ignite HRMS system offers true multi-country payroll processing ensuring full statutory compliance with local legislation in 10 countries & regions across Asia (Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, China, Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippines & Thailand).


Intuitive Mobile Application Built for Mobility

Ignite payroll software comes with an intuitive mobile application designed for mobility for your employees to stay connected 24/7, with instant access to their payslips, claims and leave application, anytime, anywhere. Managers can also easily manage outstanding approvals, all within their fingertips.


Full suite of Convenient Self-Managed Features

Ignite HRMS System features 5 core HR modules, Leave, Claims, Time & Attendance, Personnel & Payroll, each specifically designed to carry out standard HR tasks without draining resources from your team.

Ignite All-in-one Payroll HRMS

Ignite payroll system is guaranteed to improve productivity and make your life easier for HR & payroll processing. With Ignite, you can easily automate manual processes like generating payslips and year-end reporting, automatically calculate employees’ bonuses, expenses, holiday pay and get valuable insights from its real-time reporting capabilities.

01 Ignite Payroll Management System Features

BoardRoom’s Ignite payroll software offers a host of complementary features to make the payroll process easier and ensure it fully complies with the local rules and regulations in Singapore. Our Ignite payroll system is also supported by ISO27001 certified data centres and SOC2 cloud hosting.

Comprehensive HRMS solution with payroll, leave, claims, personnel, time & attendance processing across multiple regions
Complete statutory compliance with local legislation in 10 Asian countries and regions
Multi-lingual function supporting up to 11 different languages
Advance automation features for leave and payroll processing
Instant access to payslips, claims, and leave applications on the mobile app
Tracks attendance and shift rosters
A dedicated account manager as the main point of contact

02 Ignite Setup, Management & Reporting

We offer full-service payroll system setup and onboarding from migration of employees’ data, setting staff reporting lines, manager approval levels, statutory compliance requirements, expense reports, and even pre-approvals for travel. We can also help set up comprehensive reports to track pay rates, timesheets, overtime data, taxes paid by the employee and employer, and more.

03 Managed Payroll Processing Service

From payroll (both in-cycle and out-of-cycle) to managing employee leave and entitlements, our experienced team of HR experts can ensure that all aspects of your payroll are processed accurately and timely, across multiple countries, regions and languages.

    • Singapore Singapore
    • Australia Australia
    • China China
    • Hong Kong Hong Kong
    • India India
    • Indonesia Indonesia
    • Japan Japan
    • Macau Macau
    • Malaysia Malaysia
    • Myanmar Myanmar
    • New Zealand New Zealand
    • Philippines Philippines
    • South Korea South Korea
    • Thailand Thailand
    • Taiwan Taiwan
    • UAE UAE
    • Vietnam Vietnam

    04 Local Statutory Compliance and Management

    We ensure that our clients meet their tax obligations by handling all statutory tax calculations and filings, compliance requirements, and filing of all legal requirements on behalf of our employees.

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        All-in-one HRMS System Ignite

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        Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

        1. What is a payroll management system?

        A payroll management system is a solution utilising modern software to streamline and eliminate inefficiencies in your company’s HR processes. It takes many of the mundane and more tedious tasks off your shoulders, replacing them with an automated system that is far easier to manage and helps you demonstrate to your employees their worth.

        2. What are the advantages of using a payroll software?

        BoardRoom’s Ignite payroll software benefits your business by allowing you to focus on the most important and profitable aspects of your company. Without a proper management system or software, payroll can be a long, arduous, and intricate process that requires a lot of time and focus. Mistakes are forbidden as it can end up harming your business and create more problems later down the road that will be time-consuming to fix.

        Automating your payroll using a payroll management software offers a range of benefits, including but not limited to:

        • A tangible boost in productivity levels with payroll process automation
        • Much greater organisation for your company’s HR processes
        • Easy & scalable management of your employees and records
        • Highly reduced the chance of human error

        BoardRoom’s team of payroll experts are well-versed in the management and handling of payroll in Singapore and throughout Asia. For more information regarding BoardRoom’s Ignite payroll system, feel free to get in touch with us.