Keep your accounting and tax management compliant in the face of ever-changing regulations

Compliance has always been one of the most prominent challenges when running a successful international business. By choosing to work with a global accounting service and tax advisory firm like BoardRoom, you and your team can rest assured that you have the foundation necessary for your business to expand beyond your borders.

Accounting and tax advisory services for international businesses

At BoardRoom, we help companies to navigate the accounting and tax implications of large, complex operations. Our global team of consultants has in-depth knowledge of accounting and tax regulations, and the practical experience to provide comprehensive advisory services and tailored solutions to complex challenges. Whether expanding into new markets or transforming operations and structures, we can support your business every step of the way.

International Accounting & Tax 1

Reduce compliance risk and increase global tax benefits

With our top-quality services and a team of chartered accountants and tax specialists at your side, you greatly reduce the risk of running into unwelcome tax penalties, the administrative burden on your team to comply with tricky international tax and accounting regulations, and much more. Our professional tax advisors also help businesses find tax benefits and incentives to ease financial burdens throughout the year.

What can BoardRoom’s outsourced global accounting & tax advisory services do for you?

Our team of experienced international accounting & tax advisors can help you to:


Simplify cross border operations

Having efficient accounting and bookkeeping operations is essential for any international business. Our team of experts and technology is delivered through a worldwide network of local offices, ensuring that you can build consistent, standardised global accounting processes while still complying with local regulations. We offer a single contact point for our clients and our engagement team communicates in English, so clients do not need to worry about language barriers when working with us in countries like Japan, South Korea, Vietnam and China.


Global accounting standards expertise

As an international business with operations across multiple locations, your need for concise, accurate and timely financial reporting has never been greater. Our team of specialists are well-versed in IFRS and GAAP global accounting standards. Making use of a cutting-edge cloud accounting software, we provide professional financial reporting services that can help you simplify and streamline your accounts consolidation, saving you time, effort and money.


Dedicated in-country experts

Our dedicated in-country teams are skilled in helping you reduce risks while maximising benefits and complying with local regulations. Our responsive and scalable financial reporting services mean you'll have less to worry about when it comes to complex tax and accounting matters, freeing up your team to focus on what needs their attention the most.

Our international accounting & tax advisory services

Whether your business already has international offices or is planning a global expansion, BoardRoom can help you get all complex tax and accounting matters sorted.

01 International bookkeeping and global reporting

Chart of accounts setup
Maintenance of accounting books and records
International accounting standards reporting and advisory including IFRS, US-GAAP and local GAAP variants
Real-time management reporting and financial analysis services
Cost-centred budgeting and forecasts
Consolidation accounting
Compilation of group reporting package information
Audit support and liaison

02 Cross border transactional processing and management

Accounts receivable management and invoice issuance
Accounts payable and vendor query management
Disbursement and treasury management

03 Global tax management, tax reporting and financial advisory services

  • Global tax reporting
  • Global VAT and GST compliance
  • Tax provision and deferred tax calculations
  • Corporate income tax and withholding taxes
  • Direct and indirect tax solutions
  • Global mobility services
  • Transfer pricing services

04 Other outsourcing services

  • Accounting processes and controls documentation
  • Consolidation and accounting template development
  • Reconstruction of accounts, including clearing accounting record backlogs
  • Clearance of suspense account items
  • Corporate tax compliance solution

Why Choose BoardRoom’s international accounting & tax advisory services?

Because we help take your business further, faster, at all stages

Compliance across multiple jurisdictions
With years of cumulative experience working with businesses of all sizes worldwide, we strategise personalised solutions that are designed to deliver. Navigating cross-border tax and accounting regulations is a time-consuming and convoluted task, but it’s what we do best. Through our international accounting services, we’ll help you stay compliant so you can focus on spearheading international expansion and success.
Increased efficiency
Outsourcing global tax and accounting services is a proven and highly efficient approach. Instead of hiring costly experts internally, by working with BoardRoom, you immediately have a team of specialists ready to save you time, money, and effort.
Industry-leading technology
In a digital world, technology plays a big role in our solutions. We employ optical character recognition, automation tools and cloud accounting software & technologies to automate accounting and finance processes. This helps your business scale internationally, enhances data security and accuracy, saves time, and provides easy access to information when necessary.
A collaborative firm
BoardRoom has over 50 years of experience working in the Asia Pacific region with offices in China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, and Australia. Our collaboration with Andersen Global allows us to offer an expanded reach of accounting and tax services across North and Latin America, Europe, Africa, and the Middle East.

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Chester Leong


Chester Leong

Managing Director Asia,
Accounting and Corporate Development

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is the benefit of outsourced international tax and accounting services?

Staying compliant is a task that countless businesses, small and large, get help from professional tax advisory and accounting firms like BoardRoom. On an international playing field, both the complexity and importance of compliance are only multiplied.

Our global accounting and tax services can help you gain a better understanding of your company’s finances, navigate tricky tax matters, and identify areas for further growth and cost-saving. All this is done to free up time for your own internal team to focus on growth directly.

2. Why is it important to maintain compliance?

Businesses, especially those operating on an international level, run the risk of unintentionally filing tax or accounting reports incorrectly. To stay compliant is of utmost importance if you want to avoid hefty fines or worse for your business – potentially across several different jurisdictions.

3. What compliance challenges do international businesses face?

When expanding your business globally, there’s a long list of hurdles you will have to jump over to maintain compliance. Businesses operating with or without a representative office will have varying tax obligations, while some countries utilise a value-added tax (VAT) system that will need to be navigated as well. Beyond this, managing a global team when it comes to matters like payroll can become troublesome without the proper infrastructure.

International accounting and tax services can help with all of this. Please contact us for more information.

4. What makes BoardRoom an ideal partner for international accounting and tax services?

There are several reasons why we are the right firm to work with if you are looking to expand your business internationally. Our strong presence in the APAC region, combined with our collaboration with Andersen Global, gives us a unique position to offer assistance to all our clients over the globe. Our diverse suite of services covers all tax and accounting matters, payroll, corporate secretarial, and more.

Our years of experience in the field and industry-leading cloud accounting and finance technologies give us the tools we need to create personalised solutions designed to help your business succeed.

5. How can a global accounting & tax service firm like BoardRoom assist in my international expansion?

Our international accounting & tax services offer tailored solutions that help you navigate the intricacies of global finance regulations. With a focus on compliance, efficiency, and strategic tax planning, BoardRoom ensures your business remains resilient and agile worldwide.

6. What should I expect from an international tax advisor?

An international tax advisor from BoardRoom will provide expert guidance on tax compliance, strategy, and risk management. They optimise your business’s tax positions, help identify potential incentives, and support you with the tax aspects and complexities of cross-border situations and transactions.