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Looking to set up Xero cloud accounting? Or elevate your existing Xero file to do more for your business? As Xero’s Platinum Champion Partner, we help you get the most out of the platform.

Leverage our skills and expertise to deliver the best Xero set-up, implementation and optimisation services for your company at no extra costs when engaging our outsourced accounting services.

Looking for Xero outsourced accounting support services?

Boardroom’s Xero Specialists offer comprehensive accounting services and financial management, from setting up the accounting system to performing accounting work, financial analysis and advisory, and financial reporting with Xero accounting software.

With our help, you’ll be able to take control of your finances and have a better understanding of your business’ financial health.


Xero cloud accounting implementation for business

When you switch to a new accounting system, the amount of effort required will depend on the nature, size, and complexity of your company. If you don’t have a team who are confident in navigating the set-up and implementation of a new accounting system, you run the risk of losing data, limiting essential user access, or even negative regulatory or financial consequences if these errors occur.

Working with a Xero Platinum Champion Partner like BoardRoom will ensure your Xero implementation is seamless. We have experience in transferring your company’s data from your existing accounting system to Xero and set it up correctly based on your company structure. Additionally, this process doesn’t require hours of input from you and your team. We request the data from you, and then work in the background to perfect your Xero file setup. This means your team can continue with business as usual.

Xero accounting advantage with BoardRoom

The advantages of using the cloud accounting platform Xero are widely accepted. Implementing Xero will save your company time, money, and effort. It improves your team’s productivity and can even help your company get paid faster. However, for most companies, these benefits may take time to realise. Setting up Xero correctly and migrating your existing financial data into it can be difficult, especially for companies with complex structures. Plus, to truly experience the full advantages of Xero, it’s crucial to optimise your Xero file to its fullest potential. It doesn’t have to be hard, though. With a partner, such as BoardRoom, your journey with Xero can be a straightforward and gratifying experience that delivers the power of Xero to your company faster.

Benefits of outsourcing your Xero accounting to BoardRoom includes:


Deep accounting and tax expertise with an experienced team

When you partner with BoardRoom, you’re not working with any other regular accountancy firm. As professional accounting and tax services experts, we offer a wealth of knowledge on all aspects of company financial needs across multiple jurisdictions. This means that no matter where your offices are located, whether Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, New Zealand, Australia, UK, Europe or North America, we can assist you to seamlessly integrate all of your accountancy functions through your Xero.


Customised Xero to suit your company needs

With multiple features and over 1,000 third party apps and integrations to choose from, Xero can be overwhelming to some companies at times. BoardRoom not only helps you set up your Xero file correctly and migrate your existing financial data, we also help your company utilise Xero to its fullest potential. We will Identify the best apps and integrations from the thousands of options based on your company’s needs and provide training to ensure a smooth transition for your team.


Save time, money and stress with BoardRoom

BoardRoom can help you alleviate some of your resource burdens by outsourcing your Xero accounting and bookkeeping services to us. This includes providing you with detailed insight into your business, maximising performance and streamlining your operations. This enables you to keep managing your core business operations without having to maintain trained, knowledgeable staff to handle day-to-day accounting functions in-house, thus saving you time, money and reducing stress.

Choosing BoardRoom for your Xero accounting services

Minimise the risk when migrating or setting up your accounting data and ensure your team can easily operate your new Xero system from day one.

Our team of experts are available for consultations regarding full scale migration, set-up or integration of systems, such as payroll or point of sale. No matter what accounting system you’re switching from or how complex your company structures are, we will provide support throughout each step of the process.

01 Setting you up with Xero accounting

While Xero is very user-friendly, migrating from traditional accounting software can create challenges for many businesses – be it small, medium, or large enterprises. We offer Xero set-up and implementation services to ensure you get things right the first time and get the most out of this powerful cloud accounting and bookkeeping software.

Xero set-up and implementation services:

Setting up a custom chart of accounts
Creating a custom sales invoice template
Customising a report template
Incorporating your logo into financial documents
Setting up the fixed assets module
Setting up tracking categories
Setting up direct bank feeds
Setting up contacts
Establishing e-invoicing via Peppol Network or conventional e-invoicing
Facilitating online payments by embedding Stripe/PayPal on e-invoices
Assisting with general organisation and financial settings

02 Migrating your data to Xero

Let our expert team take care of data migration for you. We’ll safely and accurately transfer your company’s data from your existing accounting system into the Xero accounting platform. And we’ll do it all seamlessly in the background, so you and your team can get on with business uninterrupted.

Data migration services:

  • porting over of last closing balances;
  • comparative balances migration (FY vs FY/ Months Vs Month);
  • complete data migration (via GL, journals); and
  • complete data migration (via respective modules, eg. sales modules, purchase modules, etc.)

03 Training you and your team to get the most out of Xero

While there are many benefits of changing to cloud-based accounting software like Xero, some staff can experience a learning curve in using the platform. Our training and support services will help your team through the change management process and show you how to take advantage of all the bookkeeping and accounting features that Xero has to offer.

Online training includes:

  • Purchase module;
  • Sales module;
  • Bank and reconciliation;
  • Inventory module;
  • Fixed asset module;
  • Manual journals;
  • Reports and customisation; and
  • Advance features (find and recode, etc.).

Help is on hand with our Xero accounting and bookkeeping support services. Your team can quickly get the answers they need to any technical queries, in whatever mode they prefer, including:

  • phone;
  • email; or
  • video conference call.

04 Optimising your Xero with apps and integrations

The ability to connect with over 1,000 third party apps and integrations makes Xero an incredibly powerful accounting software platform for your business. You can integrate CRM, inventory, payroll and project management apps with Xero to create an online ecosystem that’s perfectly tailored to your business needs.

Third-party apps:

We can help your company harness the power of Xero cloud accounting software by setting up third-party apps and integrations, including – but not limited – to:

Documentation applications
Expense applications
Approval applications
E-commerce integrations
POS integrations
Consolidation and reporting applications

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Chester Leong

Managing Director Asia,
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is cloud accounting?

Cloud accounting uses online software and stores the data from your accounts in the cloud. ‘The Cloud’ is a network of remote servers storing vast amounts of data. Traditional software is installed locally on your computer, with data stored on a hard drive or a server on-site.

Our guide to cloud accounting covers the pros and cons of both cloud accounting and traditional accounting software. It will help you to understand what each option offers and which might be the best for your company.

2. Why is Xero the best cloud accounting software?

When it comes to cloud-based accounting software for small and medium enterprises, Xero is the perfect fit. It allows your company to send invoices and quotes, track inventory and create purchase orders anywhere, any time, on any advice. Learn more about the benefits of Xero accounting for your business here.

3. How can BoardRoom help your company with Xero cloud accounting?

BoardRoom Business Solutions is a XeroTM Gold Champion Partner. This means we have the skills and expertise to take your company’s cloud accounting to the next level with our Xero solutions.

We offer Xero set-up, implementation, migration and optimisation services to help your company get the most out of this powerful product.