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Payroll Expertise

BoardRoom People Expertise: Payroll Case Study

The Client is a multinational company that owns some of the world’s most iconic beverage brands that are enjoyed globally ... Read More
how to start a business in Singapore

How to Start a Business in Singapore

Thinking of starting a business in Singapore? You’re not alone. As the legal landscape in Hong Kong continues to evolve, ... Read More
Payroll Compliance APAC

Payroll Compliance: Keeping Abreast of the Evolving APAC Landscape for Global Organisations

Compliance is more than just a box-ticking exercise – it is the building block of credibility and reliability for organisations, ... Read More
Payroll processing

Payroll Process: Setting your HR Team Up for Success

Numerous studies have proven that a continuous delay in employee’s salary distribution can impact their job satisfaction. That’s why timely ... Read More
payroll process steps

Payroll process steps in Singapore: your questions answered

Small payroll errors can have massive repercussions in Singapore, including expensive fines, reputational damage and employee dissatisfaction. That’s why knowing ... Read More
Boost employee satisfaction with an HRMS payroll solution

Boost employee satisfaction with an HRMS payroll solution

Time is a finite resource. As a busy Human Resources (HR) manager, you know this better than most. It may ... Read More
Payroll efficiency

Outsourcing payroll improves HR efficiency and reduces costs

As a Human Resources (HR) manager, you want your team to focus on strategic HR imperatives, not back-office administrative tasks ... Read More
BoardRoom + Xero | Making your life easier

BoardRoom + Xero | Making your life easier

Switching to Xero with BoardRoom can be seamless, even for companies with complex structures. Find out more ... Read More
Payroll system

How to test a payroll system vendor’s compliance-readiness

Most HR professionals know not to overlook the quiet achievers in their company. These are the industrious individuals who consistently ... Read More