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Payroll system

How to test a payroll system vendor’s compliance-readiness

Most HR professionals know not to overlook the quiet achievers in their company. These are the industrious individuals who consistently ... Read More

Singapore Budget 2021 – What Businesses Can Capitalise on to Accelerate Growth in the Post-Pandemic Economic Landscape

On 16th February 2021, Finance Minister Heng Swee Keat announced the Singapore 2021 Budget. The budget this year, while focused ... Read More
Use of electronic signatures in Singapore

Use of Electronic Signatures in Singapore

The latest roll out of the Singapore government’s new digital identity platform is yet another move that showcases the tech ... Read More
Outsourcing can be an effective cost-cutting measure during economic downturns

The New Approach: 6 Fresh Ways To Mitigate The Employee Impact Of Cost-Cutting Measures During A Recession

We’ve been through recessions and economic downturns before, but this time is different. It’s more personal in many ways – ... Read More

Singapore (2020) AGM Landscape Trends Report

2020 has been a year like no other with the COVID-19 pandemic disrupting the AGM market. BoardRoom’s dedicated Share Registry ... Read More
Digital Disruption

Digital Disruption & BoardRoom

We inhabit a world that is being upended by digital innovation. Organisations that have embraced digital technology are insinuating themselves ... Read More
Why your Business Needs a Payroll Health Check

Why your Business Needs a Payroll Health Check

Just like human beings, businesses require regular check-ups on their processes and systems to ensure that any potential risks are ... Read More
4 Services that a Top Share Registrar Providers

4 Services that a Top Share Registrar Provides

Unless you are experienced in working with the capital markets, most would be unfamiliar with the differences between the types of ... Read More
The Ultimate Guide to an Employee Stock Option Plan (ESOP)

The Ultimate Guide to an Employee Stock Option Plan (ESOP)

We have all heard of an employee stock option plan or employee stock ownership plan (ESOP), but how does this ... Read More