Poll Voting (Share Registry Services)

We’re Leading the Charge on Unparalleled Poll Voting Experience Through Innovation

BoardRoom’s exclusive, fully integrated and purpose-built registry platform is the cornerstone of our meeting services. This easy-to-use poll-voting system allows for unparalleled flexibility while ensuring your data remains encrypted and secure.

BoardRoom is proud to count this towards our success of becoming Singapore’s leading provider of share registry services to SGX Mainboard and Catalist companies.

01Allow us to help you sort through:

  • Hand-held system that can be used in multiple sites
  • Highly customisable system to meet your every need
  • Optimised for extra encryption and security, the system is constantly developed for more emerging technological solutions
  • This system allows for real-time data monitoring and increases in shareholder engagement

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Victor Lai

Regional Managing Director, BoardRoom Corporate & Advisory Services